Who is the Enemy?

Who is the Enemy?

Remember when you were a kid and there were good guys who wore white hats and bad guys who wore black ones? Remember when we, as a society, used to actually understand that there was evil in the world? Things have sure changed.

Evil exists. People who wear no uniform, strap bombs to themselves and target civilians are evil. Rapists, murderers, terrorists, kidnappers - these are evil people. Many evil people today are radical Islamists.

But the Democrat Party seems to have a different view. Eric Holder, attorney general, has decided to prosecute five of the 9/11 terrorists in New York, instead of a military court, giving terrorists the same rights as Americans. Dick Durbin compared our troops to Nazis and Pol Pot thugs. Jack Murtha accused our troops in Haditha, Iraq, of crimes that were simply fabricated by the enemy. There was no proof.

President Obama barely mentioned Major Nadal Hasan and never referred to him as a terrorist.

Now, Navy SEALS who just captured Ahmed Hashim Abed, are being prosecuted for prisoner abuse. In case you were wondering, Ahmed Hashim Abed was wanted for killind four defense contractors, burning their bodies, and then handing them from a bridge. But, honestly, other than that, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, right?

The Seals supposedly punched him in the mouth, since he had a bloody lip. Are you kidding me? That’s the charge? That’s worthy of investigation? Whoever decided to investigate this, whichever Navy official it was, needs to resign - immediately. They don’t deserve to wear the same uniform as the brave men who risked their lives to capture this scumbag. They are a disgrace and I am ashamed that cowards, who find this “incident” worthy of investigation, defend me and the rest of my country. Please take your place next to President Obama, Jack Murtha, Dick Durban, General Casey and the other pansies who seem more interested in placating and “understanding” the bad guys instead of helping the good guys win.

As irate as I am over this, unfortunately, it’s nothing new. These are the kind of decisions and opinions you get when you teach people that there are no absolutes, a statement that is so absurd it contradicts itself. When “right” and “wrong” are eliminated, you are only left looking for motives behind actions to explain things that are out of the norm and begin searching for moral equivalency. Since hanging burned bodies on a bridge, flying planes into the World Trade Center and killing 13 of your fellow Marines qualifies as out of the out of the norm, our genius liberals must become psychologists and figure out “why” because they have eliminated the idea that it can be wrong or evil.

That is why we can prosecute Navy SEALS for doing their job.

But that is what is taught in our schools. That is what is behind outcome based education. That is what is shown in movies. And that is what politicians use to guilt people into giving up their money and talent.

Who is our enemy? It’s anyone that says that truth is relative, that there aren’t absolutes that govern our universe. These are the people that are the most dangerous to America and our way of life.

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