Schumer: Dems can go it alone on health care

The following headline was conspicuously emblazoned on MSNBC’s website today:

Schumer: Dems can go it alone on health care
Lawmaker says his party will push reform bill with or without GOP support

While certainly no news to those who are plugged in to the political scene it is a declaration that the Democratic party no longer represents those who brought them to power. Poll after poll has shown public support for the type of health care reform they offer is dwindling at an alarming rate.

Much like the Kamikaze pilots of World War II Japan they have adopted a single minded and self destructive means to their ends. When the smoke clears come November of 2010 it is likely that these partisans will have suffered the same fate as their Kamikaze brethren only for nothing as noble as the defense of their country.

The story that followed the headline is no more encouraging:

WASHINGTON - A leading Senate Democrat said Monday his party is determined to push through a health care overhaul bill, President Barack Obama's top domestic issue, with or without support from opposition Republicans.

Damn the torpedoes; damn the will of the public and damn America!

Republicans have made clear they aren't supporting the bill, which foretells of a rowdy Senate floor debate next month on legislation that would extend health care coverage to roughly 31 million Americans, crack down on insurance company practices that deny or dilute benefits and curtail the growth of spending on medical care nationally.

Noble causes everyone, but the means, the details, are what has driven public sentiment against this bill.

"We prefer to go at it with Republicans if we can reach compromises in some areas," said Sen. Charles Schumer. "But we're not going to not pass a bill."

Schumer dueled with Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on a television morning news show in the wake of a key Senate vote Saturday night that advanced a 10-year, $959 billion health bill to full debate. Hutchison argued that the overhaul would require higher taxes and expensive requirements on businesses that would weigh heavily in a recession.

I disagree with Hutchison in as much as recession or no recession this bill is an economy killer.

Congressional Democrats are trying to resolve differences within their rank and file over abortion, taxes and letting the government sell health insurance as a competitor with private insurers. Those are all crucial policy questions, and House and Senate Democrats have taken conflicting approaches.

Obama campaigned on a promise to overhaul health care in the United States — the only developed country that does not have a comprehensive national health care plan. Nearly 50 million of the country's more than 300 million people are uninsured. The government provides coverage for the poor and elderly, but most Americans rely on private insurance, usually received through their employers.

If the government covers the poor and elderly then we should ask who is left that compromises this ever growing number of uninsured. This number is dubious at best and strangely dynamic; as public sentiment drifts the number seems to grow larger.

Appearing on NBC's "Today" show Monday, Schumer said, "We all know we have to give a little. ... If we don't do anything, that is the worst situation, and we have a good bill." He said lawmakers must come together because "the health care system is broken."

Schumer argued that Republican critics "haven't put any alternative on the floor."
Hutchison called it "a terrible idea at this time."

Schumer is either an idiot or a liar. Republicans have offered numerous alternatives that have either died in committee or never even made it to the floor. Democrats are not willing to make common sense concessions and are willing to ride this bill straight to damnation taking Americans along for the ride.

The Democratic measures would leave 12 million or more eligible Americans uninsured. Many middle-class families who'd now be required to buy coverage would still find the premiums a stretch, even with government aid. A new federal fund to provide temporary coverage for people with health problems would quickly run out of cash.

This all encompassing must pass bill leaves 12 million uninsured? How can anyone of good conscience do such as thing? It seems heartless and cruel at best.

The House passed its health care bill 220-215 earlier this month. The Senate cleared the way Saturday for debate on legislation unveiled by Majority Leader Harry Reid. The bill, a compromise between two committee-passed versions, could undergo significant changes as senators amend it during weeks of arduous debate ahead.

It will no doubt morph into a much costlier and oppressive bill as each liberal’s wish list is incorporated. The result will be less about health care and more about socialism. With provisions already included in the House version to jail those who refuse to abide such Orwellian measures it is likely that even the most dyed-in-the-wool Democratic voter will cringe at the abomination our representatives have birthed.

Both bills would require all Americans to carry health insurance, with government help to make premiums more affordable. They would ban insurance companies from denying coverage or charging more to people with health problems. They would set up new insurance markets for those who now have the hardest time finding and keeping coverage — self-employed people and small businesses. Americans insured through big employer plans would gain new consumer protections but wouldn't face major changes.

That is the biggest lie of all. We would all face major changes as small businesses collapse under the burden of health care. Ordinarily affordable plans would cease to exist once cheaper government alternatives drove them out. Those who fail to comply will face harsh fines or jail time. Every facet of the new system would be burdened by government oversight and inefficiency. The corruption now rampant in Medicare and Medicaid would be dwarfed by the corruption to come. Yes, there will be changes and once it changes it will likely never be as good as what we have now.

There area problems that need to be addressed. There are changes that need badly to be made. What the Democrats and the Obama administration is offering is most assuredly a way out of the quagmire but in my humble opinion there has to be a better answer than national suicide.

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