Cable news is to blame for town hall protests?

Either Robert Gibbs is an idiot, a sycophant or both. Blaming cable news for the genuine outpouring of frustration shown at recent meetings is akin to shooting the messenger. The cable networks are not responsible for this backlash anymore than guns are responsible for war.

Lawmakers have turned a deaf ear to the populace and, to their credit, the media have followed the story with undying interest. Granted, with the exception of Fox News, they have yet to understand the impetus behind the angst but at least they are reporting it instead of trying to pretend that it is not happening.

Gibbs jab at cable news networks such as Fox is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to shift focus from President Obama’s wildly unpopular health care reform plan. It seems to be the one reliable tool in an otherwise empty bag of tricks.

What these lawmakers and Gibbs could do to slow the ground swell of discontent should be obvious: Debate this plan openly and honestly. If they believe that a socialized takeover of health care is what is truly in this nations best interest than argue that position openly. What they are doing instead is feeding the public platitudes and empty rhetoric.

A substantive debate on the issue is the one thing not present at these town hall meetings. This is the source of frustration shared by so many. The American public is now awake and listening, what they are not hearing are the facts. They have become savvy enough to figure out that they are being misled and quite frankly it is pissing them off.

Below are videos addressing the recent “disruptions” at events sponsored to promote Obama’s plan. You decide for yourself if the answers given by our representatives seem open and honest or just plain dismissive and bereft of fact.

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