Obamacare "if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it".

The following article appeared on MSNBC. Article excerpts appear in bold. The truth needs no such emphasis.

President 'hopeful' about health care progress
But warns against complacency, pushing for bills before August break

WASHINGTON - Praising and prodding Congress at once, President Barack Obama on Wednesday said a vast reform of the nation's health insurance system is required to head off instability to families, industry and the government itself.

Wait, where have we heard this argument before? Oh, yes, it was when they were cramming the bailouts down out throat. GM, Ford and Chrysler will go bankrupt if we don’t give them billions in taxpayer money. Remember how that ended? They rallied the troops with the same battle cry for the stimulus. Unemployment will skyrocket if we don’t spend billions on pork projects. Remember how that ended? It seems they really do think the American public are idiots. Are we?

"Deferring reform is nothing more than defending the status quo — and those who would oppose our efforts should take a hard look at just what it is they're defending," Obama said in the Rose Garden, pushing for landmark bills to get through the House and Senate before Congress' August recess.

I would like to think what we are defending is the sanctity of the United States constitution. If that is the status quo then maybe we should be fighting to preserve it.

Putting more of his own political stake behind the effort each day, Obama outlined the troubles with the U.S. approach to health care coverage, with an emphasis on the cost to consumers. He spoke of soaring premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs and promised with reform, "You'll save money."

Really? With the growth of government that this abomination entails we may see a reduction in our health care costs (more likely just a reduction in quality) but we will absolutely see an increase in out tax burden.

"If you lose your job, change your job, or start a new business, you'll still be able to find quality health insurance you can afford," Obama promised. Once again assuring Americans who are dubious of what might be changing, he said anyone happy with their doctor and health care plan will be able to keep it.

Right up until the point that it is crushed by the government “public” option. Given Obama’s track record on keeping his promises I say we opt out on this one.

To make his point, Obama surrounded himself with nurses and proclaimed that they're "on board" with reform.

Any proposed health care package still must clear the complexities and politics of getting through the House and Senate, with Obama's ambitious goals of slowing cost increases and bringing coverage to nearly 50 million uninsured. How to pay for it all remains one of the most vexing parts of the debate.

Its not “vexing” Obama and the liberals, they have decided to lay the bill at the feet of the “rich”. The only real question unanswered is how long it will take before we are all “rich”.

The Senate health committee cast a milestone vote Wednesday to approve legislation expanding insurance coverage to nearly all Americans, becoming the first congressional panel to act on Obama's top domestic priority.

A day earlier, House Democratic leaders pledged to meet the president's goal of health care legislation before their August break, offering a $1.5 trillion plan that for the first time would make health care a right and a responsibility for all Americans. Left to pick up most of the tab were medical providers, employers and the wealthy.

I would be “vexed” by the rush to complete this legislation in such a short time had I not already watched this particular tactic play out at least twice before. They will rush it through in the cover of darkness unread by voters and law makers alike. What we will end up with is an oppressive piece of legislation, a ton of finger pointing, and no one to hold accountable except ourselves.

"This progress should make us hopeful but it can't make us complacent," Obama said. "It should instead provide the urgency for both the House and the Senate to finish their critical work on health reform before the August recess."

And before anyone has had a chance to really investigate what all of this entails for the average American. I do however agree with Obama on one point; this is most certainly not the time for complacency.

The Senate bill calls for the government to provide financial assistance with premiums for individuals and families making up to four times the federal poverty level, or about $88,000 for a family of four, a broad cross-section of the middle class. The legislation is but one piece of a broader Senate bill still under development.

"This time we've produced legislation that by and large I think the American people want," said Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., who stood in for committee chairman Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts. Kennedy, who's made health care legislation a lifelong priority, is being treated for brain cancer.

Make no mistake, Kennedy has the kind of medical coverage we would all be satisfied with, the unfortunate truth is that under his plan we would not.

But ranking Republican Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming argued that the bill would break Obama's promises by adding to the deficit.

My question to Senator Enzi is this; where were you when Bush was breaking the bank? Where were you and your colleges when the bailout strolled through, how about the stimulus? Republicans are no better than Democrats when it comes to fiscal responsibility. They now lack and real credibility to make an argument against anything Obama proposes. That job is left to those of us who will be forced to pay (sorry).

Renewed urgency

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he wanted floor debate to begin a week from Monday. With the Senate Finance Committee still struggling to reach consensus, that timetable could slip. Even so, it underscored a renewed sense of urgency.

That urgency is not fueled by any noble cause. The new found urgency stems from the fact that poll numbers are slipping fast. Americans are beginning to understand what is being done to them and their children. The liberals fully understand that the window of opportunity is about to slam shut and close them off from the taxpayer cookie jar.

Obama's political organization launched a series of 30-second television ads on health care, which will begin airing Wednesday in Washington and on cable TV nationally. A version will run on local stations in eight states — Arkansas, Indiana, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, Nebraska and Ohio — to prod senators to back the health care effort. They will run for two weeks.

An interesting tactic for a party that claims this is what “America” wants. Why try so hard to sell us something we allegedly can’t live without? Why try so hard to convince us to buy something you say we already want?

In the ads, private citizens describe problems they've had with the medical system and say it's time for action. The sponsor is Organizing for America, Obama's campaign organization, which has become part of the national Democratic Party. The group would not reveal the cost.

Now they are beginning to sound like our lawmakers. It reminds me of the old JR Beer ads; “If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it”.

The Republican National Committee was answering back.

In a fundraising appeal titled "Hillarycare revisited," the RNC warned about "Obamacare" and said the government "already runs car companies, banks and mortgage companies. Republicans believe that the last thing the American people want is government telling them when and where — or even whether — they can get medical treatment for their families."

Well better late than never I guess. It sounds like the RNC may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, or at least recognizing that the light is on the front of a train.

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