If your gonna be dumb you better be tough.

In a time when the world is crashing down around our ears and it seems there is little to laugh about, its always good to step back and get a little perspective. As bad as things may seem there are always those who are suffering more than us. Unfortunately for them they are suffering from felony stupidity.

The following is a condensed version of's "The Dumbest Criminals Caught on Tape" collection. Some of these offer absolute proof that natural selection exists for a reason.

Take a break from your own problems and enjoy watching the self-inflicted suffering of these social misfits.

It seems as if this crew has taken the "bait" before. You would think that maybe they would have learned something the first time; or not.

Of all the places a person could choose to rob a store that specializes in video surveillance seems like a rather bad choice second only to a police station....

The key to a successful robbery is to get away with the goods and maybe your rifle.

On the top of the list of bad locations to rob... wait for it...a police station. The fact that a police station is full of, you know, cops, didn't seem to discourage these pint sized felons.

Rule number one: when committing a burglary don't answer the phone and then use your real name. Rule number two: never return to the scene of the crime after having violated rule one.

It is always best to avoid committing traffic infractions in the jurisdiction of the police officer who's mower you have recently stolen. If that is too complicated at least remember to remove the officers name from said mower.

This one is straight of a Charlie Chaplin Movie. I think the pole is up for an officer of the month award.

Another victim of Windex. Either that or just incredibly stupid.

I hope this gratuitous exploitation of others' misfortune has in some small way improved your day.

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