Dems:"Pass it now fix it later, we promise."

Even I am beginning to grow weary of discussing health care legislation. It has dominated the news cycle, blogs and backyard barbecue discussions for the last few weeks.

The problem is that people still don’t seem to understand what this unprecedented legislation would do to the very fabric of the nation. Until I feel as though I have made every reasonable attempt to educate the voting public I am prepared to continue ad naseum.

The fundamental problem of this proposed legislation is the funding to pay for it. The following Fox News article addresses a problem that I feel is pervasive in Washington; the inability to make the tough choices or even to comprehend the problem.

This problem is by no means limited to the left or right. We have all been victims of political malfeasance on both sides of the aisle. The hollow promises to pay for legislation by future cuts or taxes that never seem to materialize; promises to sunset taxes or restrictive legislation.

The problem may be more fundamental than political lies and misdirection. The probable reason that very few Americans hold these liars accountable is the inability to understand what deficit spending really is; how truly evil and insidious its far reaching repercussions are.

I base that assumption on the fact that very few Americans are themselves fiscally responsible. We have become a nation of blissfully ignorant debtors. We seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that we hold thousands of dollars of personal debt that we will likely not repay before our deaths. Despite that we continue to spend that which we do not have; for what reason I do not know.

If we cannot understand that this enormous debt is siphoning away our life blood and making us slaves to the corporate interests; then how can we possibly hold accountable those we have elected to do the same on a national level?

We as normal humans lack the depth of understanding to visualize a trillion dollars. The scope and magnitude of such a number escapes our best attempts at comprehension. This is a fact that politicians really upon.

The numbers have become meaningless abstractions that we could never hope to decipher and because of that we have abdicated reason, replacing it with trust in those who are no more capable of understanding then we. The difference is that they purport to understand the problem and claim sole providence over the solution. This is just another lie intended to part us from our hard earned gains and further enslave us.

In the end they are just as ignorant and twice as dangerous as they know those things they are doing are leading deeper into the abyss and further from the light.

The statements contained in the following article are emblematic of the flawed reasoning that has brought us to the precipice. If we do not soon awaken it is likely we will be well into our death spiral before reason opens its eyes to find the ground rapidly approaching:

Deficits, Taxes and Time Appear to Doom Health Care Reforms President Obama's budget chief says health care reform legislation won't be $240 billion in the hold in the next decade if the House includes reductions in Medicare payments to physicians.

If this is true, and it is dubious at best, then why not include the proposed cuts in the primary legislation? Why delay the necessary evil of Medicare payment cuts. The answer is simple; they understand that the cuts will be unpopular. They also understand that the call to implement those cuts will fade with time and be replaced with new, innovative and surreptitious taxes instead.

President Obama's budget director on Sunday described a House bill on health care reform as "deficit neutral" even though it includes Medicare payments to doctors that would put the bill $240 billion in the hole over a decade.

This is either a case of intentional misdirection or a lack of understanding of the term “deficit neutral”. You decide which.

Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag insisted that Obama won't sign any health care reform that isn't paid for, but also said the legislation doesn't take into account savings that will be achieved in other bills to come.

“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”. I pray that no one is na├»ve enough to believe that there are additional bills to come that will do anything other than raise spending and the deficit along with it. For you who are still awestruck by his magnificence ask yourself these questions; What has this administration done so far that would lead you to believe that they are willing to make the hard choices and actually cut spending? Is it not more likely given their track record thus far that they will elect instead to either raise taxes or simply swell the deficit?

Democrats say physician Medicare payment reductions that cause the $240 billion deficit in the bill, will be dealt with in upcoming "Paygo" legislation. Paygo, which requires government to pay for what it purchases, and not rely on deficit spending, hasn't passed the House but is likely to do so.
Another random musing on my part but… Why haven’t they already passed “paygo” if they are truly concerned about the deficits they are creating?

"The payments to physicians is in the legislation, and that is the only reason that the bill shows a deficit. Once you take that part out, the bill is deficit neutral," Orzsag told "FOX News Sunday," noting that reductions are "sort of already baked in to our fiscal trajectory" for future spending.
If we believe this we do so at our own peril. The facts simply do not support the assertion. Rephrased, they have not done it so far so why believe they will now.

The Congressional Budget Office, Congress' number crunchers, angered Democrats last week when it showed that the House bill now on the table to institute nationalized health insurance, is unsustainable. The CBO calmed nerves when it issued a second report late Friday that says adjusting the totals to reflect a 20 percent reduction in Medicare payments to physicians would save the country $6 billion over a decade.
Sure, if the numbers don’t match the rhetoric simply rewrite the numbers. This is “cooking the books” plain and simple. We should expect our elected representatives to act in a more respectable manner. We should at least expect them to take us to dinner before screwing us.

Orszag, who formerly headed the CBO, said the budget agency also didn't account for other estimated future savings. "There are additional steps that are necessary to make it even better than that over the long term, and I think the single most important thing is this proposal that we have for an independent commission to help bring down costs over the long haul," he added, noting the commission would be "setting reimbursement rates and moving towards a higher quality system."

This is the most insulting part to me. They are relying on future savings that they have not even identified as of yet. This is ludicrous. Its tantamount to beginning a transatlantic boat trip by diving off of the cliff into the ocean and hoping to find a boat along the way.

How about a little common sense? Instead of passing this flawed legislation lets identify all of the savings and include them in the primary bill; no “what ifs” or “hypothetical” savings.

You would not build a car around and engine that has yet to be designed and we should not be building legislation around savings that haven’t been identified either. If we do we are likely to find that the savings never materialize while the promised tax increases will surely swell to cover the shortfall.

For the complete Fox News story visit this link: Fox News

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