Dems: "no way we're using government helathcare"

Its a simple question; if this health care plan is so damn good why are our Democratic lawmakers exempting themselves from it?

Representative John Fleming (R) is asking the same question in the form of a requirement that lawmakers use the same system the want us to use. So far there are no takers on the Democratic side.

You know when someone asks you to try something that they will not, your antenna should be going up. We should be flooding their offices with letters, e-mails and phone calls asking this simple question; "If this plan is so great why are you exempted from it?" Their answer should determine their fates in November.

The following is a video from Fox News. It is an interview Meghan Kelly conducted with Fleming. Fleming mentions his site Rep. John Flemming. I recommend a visit to the site so you can register your opinion on the matter.

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