7 arrested in slayings of Florida couple with 16 kids.

The photos below show the faces of pure evil. These guys deserve their day in court. If they are found guilty their day in court should be followed immediately by their execution. Read the story below to get a feel for just how depraved and calculated these killers were.

The Associated Press reports:

7 arrested in slayings of Fla. couple

Left to right: Booking photos of Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr., Wayne Coldiron, Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Sr., Gary Lamont Sumner Jr., held in the death of a Florida couple.

Authorities in the Florida Panhandle say they have seven people in custody in the slayings of a wealthy couple known for adopting developmentally disabled children.

Melanie and Byrd Billings were shot to death in their home near Pensacola on Thursday night.
Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan told their daughter, Ashley Markham, at a press conference Tuesday that investigators have found the people responsible for killing her parents.

Investigators are still looking for at least one more person in the case. Morgan said at least one of the suspects in custody may have done work at the Billings home.

The primary motive was robbery, prosecutor Bill Eddins said. He said a safe was one of the items taken, though he wouldn't describe the others.

These wastes of protoplasm killed these people over nothing more significant than money. I hope they slow roast them with ole Sparky.

Men under arrest One of those arrested Sunday, 35-year-old Leonard P. Gonzalez Jr., was a Pensacola martial arts instructor.

Gonzalez's father, 56-year-old Leonard Gonzalez Sr., is also in custody, charged with evidence tampering. Authorities say he drove a red van seen on surveillance video pulling away from the Billings home, then tried to paint over it and cover damage.

The younger Gonzalez and day laborer Wayne Coldiron, 41, were arrested Sunday and charged with one count each of open murder. Both were due in court Tuesday.

Another day laborer, Gary Lamont Sumner, 31, was arrested on a murder charge in a nearby county Monday after he was pulled over in a traffic stop.

Investigators are still trying to figure out how the suspects are connected to each other. They had no apparent connection to the Billingses, Morgan said.

The break-in was captured by an extensive video surveillance system the Billings used to keep tabs on their children.

'Ninja garb' Surveillance video showed three armed, masked men arriving in the red van, entering through the front of the house and then returning to the vehicle. Others dressed in what the sheriff called "ninja garb" went in through an unlocked utility door in the back. They were in and out in under 10 minutes.

"I think you'll find this particularly chilling and here's why: We have a team that enters at the rear of the home and another that enters at the front of the home," Morgan said. "It leads me to believe this was a very well-planned and methodical operation."

The couple owned several local businesses, including a finance company and a used-car dealership. They lived in Beulah, a rural area west of Pensacola, near the Alabama state line, in a house set deep in the woods. They had 17 children in all — 13 of them adopted.

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