Time for Al Gore and Global Warming to go Poof!!!

We may be finally seeing the end of a long trail of putrid lies that has been shoved down our collective throats for nearly forty years. Only now we have the State Run Media (SRM) perpetuating the lie without any real opposing debate.

Al (full of himself and other smelly things) Gore is being sued by John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel and THIRTY THOUSAND scientists, including NINE THOUSAND PHD'S, who have signed up to debunk and put a final nail in the coffin of the "global warming liberal lemming crap" (GWLLC). None of the SRM, PSMNBC...oops...MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, will air this story. Only Fox News is airing it.

Now correct me if I am wrong. If I stand on some street corner and decry GWLLC or want to say a prayer on government property I will be run down and branded an extremist. Adding the prayer will make me a right wing extremist! Doesn't matter that the GWLLC is a LIE. The cult church of "never will last long green bull patties" is not to be argued with. THEY insist the science is settled. They are also the same ones who want to stop cows from burping and pooting!!! All in the name of stopping the emissions of CO2. I guess I will need to register my exhaling also.

The Church of al will not debate the 30k scientist. If this is to be, it will need to be up to "we the people". This convoluted view must be stopped by all of us and put down like a rabid dog or it and all of the destruction brought along for the ride will drag America down even more than the socialist programs our dictator is proclamations he is forcing down our throats...carbon footprint...cap and trade...the new power government insurance...all manifestations of a wanna be dictator. Manifestations of over forty years of forcing lies to be treated as truths. When I was young...yes it is really true I was young once...the liberal lemming crap bunch was screaming that by 2000 the world would be under a sheet of ice down to Ohio!!! in the early years of the 20th century it was the first try at global warming! I guess finally by our humble dictator gaining control of the media the loony left can spew all the lies without worrying about proving anything with stupid things like facts and figures to support them and such.

I am seeing organizations drop the noble causes they once stood for just to align themselves with our loony left. This is just two of many who seem to be impervious to scrutiny by the SRM.

The American Cancer Society is no longer concerned with curing cancer but to "control" or "manage liberal speak they mean "make as many people give money to us to do with as we see fit" NOT cure cancer.

Humane Society of the United States. do not give one hooey about saving pets or even helping them. They want "as many people to give money to them to do with as we see fit" namely stop you and I from being able to eat meat. They do not operate one single animal shelter. even with over 100 million in assets.

I have always been taught that the week minded will always be led astray from what God intended each of us. From what the founding fathers founded this country on.

Each of us will have a day to answer for our lives we have lived. As a Christian I look forward to mine. NOT because I am some saint. I believe I fall under the apostle Paul's' statement "I am chief among sinners" but I am saved by Grace and forgiven...Hallelujah!!! I don't deserve it because of anything I did, well I have just made myself a national security risk by admitting my beliefs...sorry but PC is another pet peeve I stomp on at any given chance.

We stand at the crossroads of our country swirling down the toilet fast. I ask each of us to look inside and really examine what we believe. As small as it seems, the confrontation of the church of al gore and the global liberal lemming crap and all of the cult of obomessiah that is turning this country into what we have fought against for 200 years may be the last chance for America to remain great.

I hope the founder of the Weather Channel and his thirty thousand strong army of truth have sucess in the war against stupid science.

I pray we are prepared both as a country and individually for what we are heading for.

Thank you for taking time to read Mr. Ehrenkaufers' blogs and I hope I have stirred one person to look at just where America is heading.


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