"Orphan" Movie VS the Adoption Community

Hi readers of The Silent Majority! My name is Alexis and I am a new blogger for this blog. I will be bringing you some articles I write. A lot of what I write is about interracial adoption, however I'll probably write about other topics, too. I am a Korean adoptee who lives in Sydney, Australia.

This entry is sort of delayed, since the controversy over the Orphan movie sort of happened a while ago now. Still, I finally got the nerve up to watch the trailer (I don't like horror movies as it is. I get scared very easily!), and I thought it would sort of just be assumed that I made a post on it.

For those who aren't aware of this, Warner Bros has recently made a horror film (set for release in the US in July) called Orphan. It centres around a family who adopts an older child and attempts to welcome her into their family and household. However, there's something "not right with Esther" and suddenly the premise is about this crazy little girl who goes around killing people or... something. When this trailer was released, much of the initial controversy was over a quote that said:
It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own child.

Warner Bros has since changed that and the trailer now has Esther saying something else like "Mummy doesn't like me".

However, it's not just the stupid quote in the trailer that has the adoption community mad. I recently joined the Facebook group - "I'm boycotting Warner Bros 'Orphan' Movie" because I agree that this movie has negative implications when it comes to adoption. It implies that there is something wrong with adoptees, and people are also arguing that the word "orphan" is inappropriate for such a movie.

Are people overreacting to this, though? Or is it reasonable to be so against such an obviously stupid movie?From a personal standpoint, I do find it quite offensive. I despise the word "orphan" just as much as others do. As a child I used to watch movies like Annie or Anne of Green Gables (what's with the name Anne??). It took me a while, but I came to realise that for a short while, I sort of was orphaned. So it's hard to hear the word "orphan" and not cringe a little bit at its use. It has negative connotations whenever it's mentioned. So it's understandable as to why people would be so angered and offended by its use in a horror movie such as this.

People also argued that the movie will discourage people from adopting in the future and will affect the way people view adoption. (This, I'm more indifferent towards.) They're also worried that it would have a bad influence on children and would spread immoral values and ideas. But... why would you show a child a movie like this in the first place?

However... when it comes down to it, it's a movie. There are so many stupid movies out there, and people would be a little crazy to allow their children to see it. As I write this, my husband is playing one of the crudest video games I've ever seen. Every second word in it is a swear word, followed by fights against disgusting, hulking zombies or other such creatures. Then we have the video games where you have to run people down in the street and rob them etc etc. My point is, if you're playing some (stupid) game like this, are you automatically going to assume there are zombies in the world and buy a collection of firearms to "protect" yourself? Or are you going to go and deliberately run people over in the street? No.

I sort of see movies in a similar way - they're movies. Although I, admittedly, get scared extremely easily, they're not real. So it's hard to say whether the offensiveness of this movie is more obscene than others that have come before it. Is it really up to the makers of the movie to can it, or should we, as individuals simply decide for ourselves not to be bothered by it?

Normally in a situation like this, I'd probably be offended, pissed off and angry. But I'm coming to realise that the world is far from perfect. Many people have a serious lack of morals and such and there's not a lot I can do to change that. So is it petty to get so angry and offended over a 120 minute show of unneeded violence and shallow morals made for the masses? Or is it better to simply say "bah, that's stupid. I'm not going to see that" and get on with life?

In regards to the argument of it discouraging adoption, well... all I can say to that is that: I think this is something that people need their own abilities in which to decide for themselves what they think. It's up to the individual to make up their own mind - will they let a stupid Hollywood horror movie dictate their morals for them? Or will they decide for themselves? I'm neither for nor against adoption at the age of 25, since I have opinions for both sides. But I'm definitely not going to let some pathetic movie affect those opinions. I like to think that I have freewill and the freedom of thought.

Having these opinions on this movie has come as a bit of a surprise to me, especially following the uproar it initially caused over the past few weeks. I expected that I'd be more angry. But really, when it comes down to it, it's a movie. We're adults. Can't we think for ourselves? Make our own decisions about what we believe and don't believe? Still, in saying this, I won't be seeing this movie. I'd much prefer to settle down with a good book, or watch a good chick flick with a bowl of popcorn or some ice cream or something.

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