Hate the sinner, not the sin.

Being of a Christian background I was taught growing up to hate the sin and not the sinner. It is a fundamental tenet of Christianity that we should accept the sinner and try to encourage a change in the behavior. It seems that in the flipped around upside down ideology of the far left that this concept has been slightly altered to fit the immoral lifestyles of its adherents.

To clarify somewhat, when I learn that someone has had an abortion my first instinct is not to denounce the person but the abortion. I do not hate the person because they made that choice despite the fact that I find the act morally reprehensible. My concern lies with the life of the unborn child and for the soul of the mother. To be true to my beliefs I must accept the sinner and renounce the sin.

The same applies to homosexuality. I accept the person for who they are but I am morally obligated to speak out against the lifestyle.

The goal is to bring the lost sheep back into the flock; not drive them further away. That is why we must still accept the sinner. We are kindred spirits so to speak, as we are all sinners. Jesus understood this and it was why he centered his ministry among the sinners and not the "holy". He wasn't preaching to the choir.

The problem with the liberal ideology is that it glorifies the sin without regard to the sinner.

Liberals have no problem accepting the flaws of those who are among them. Bill Clinton was a lying womanizer and was wildly popular among liberals. Barney Franks an openly gay legislator who has served may years despite that fact. Al Gore the leader of the Global Warming Cult and highly respected among the liberal intelligentsia.

The issue arises when an adherent leaves the fold and challenges the established dogma. They are no longer living in the "sin" of liberalism and as such they can clearly discern the lie. If they dare to speak the truth they are treated to the full vitriol and fury of the liberal establishment.

When a person who has had an abortion speaks out to warn others of the terrible mental anguish that followed such a decision they are demeaned and dismissed as brainwashed by the right.

When a homosexual realizes the error of their ways and changes their lifestyle they are branded as traitors and castigated.

When a scientist who supported the "Global warming" farce reevaluates the data and realizes that they were wrong they are branded as corporate sellouts and their opinions disregarded.

When an atheist finds religion he is excommunicated from the ranks of the credible.

When an impoverished person works their way from the welfare rolls to success they are "lucky".

When a black man succeeds without government assistance and dares speaks against affirmative action he is an "uncle Tom".

You see the fundamental tenet of the left is dogma above fact, sin above sinner.

There is no truth but the lie of liberalism.

When you are a part of the liberal machine treason is the only true sin; the one unforgivable transgression.

You must never betray the fallacy.

You must always glorify the sin above all else.

Because we accept the sinner despite their flaws we will always welcome those who have awoken from their fitful sleep to find the truth.

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