Another Industry Up in Smoke Under Obama

For an administration that continues to claim it doesn't want to run private industry, they sure have a funny way of showing it. Passage today of the tobacco bill places the entire tobacco industry under the control of the United States Government who will have expansive authority to control the content and manufacture of tobacco goods. Another $500 million in estimated annual fees it what the Congressional Budget Office predicts it will take to operate the new tobacco center, the latest addition to the FDA.

Sure, it's hard to defend any product that causes harm, but that's really not the point. And don't think for a minute that the government gives a hoot about whether or not cigarettes cause cancer or second hand smoke affects those close by. Those arguments are merely a (pardon the pun) "smoke screen" to the goal of those in government. They want control. Control over how much you make for a living, the lifestyle choices you make, what you drive, what doctors you have access to.

The flagrant hypocrisy of these in elected positions who deem to rule over every aspect of our lives angers me to the quick. It's not just the fact that President Obama smokes like a chimney and yet can say that this bill, "truly defines change in Washington" and that he looks forward to signing the bill. It's the way those in power seem to flaunt their excesses while simultaneously mandating changes in lifestyle to the very people who elected them.

No one can even think of the term "Global Warming" without conjuring up pictures of Al Gore touting his movie, "An Inconvenient Truth". Whether you believe global warming exists or not, doesn't it just gripe your soul to know that when Al Gore's personal energy use was brought to light, it was found that the former Vice President was using more than 20 times the national average of energy to run his home? He and his wife spend about $30,000 per year to heat and cool their home and pool and keep a dancing charge running through the electric fence that surrounds their property. If you ask me, that is the "inconvenient truth". Mr. Gore's response to the information going public: "the bottom line is that every family has a different carbon footprint." That's it? Well, not exactly. We were also told that, "They also use compact fluorescent bulbs and other energy efficiency measures and then they purchase offsets for their carbon emissions to bring their carbon footprint down to zero." So, even with all those stupid lightbulbs that no one likes, he still spends $30,000 per year and offsets that grotesque use of power with a payoff in "carbon offsets". If only the rest of us had the money to pay for our guilt.

This administration has promised sternly to go after companies "that ship jobs overseas" and evade U.S. taxes with offshore havens. Those in congress almost sound indignant that anyone would try to escape paying the taxes they owe. Then Timothy Geithner was nominated to become the Treasure Secretary and we find out that he failed to pay $34,000 in taxes on his personal returns. Charlie Rangel failed to disclose $75,000 in income on his tax return. Tom Daschle was discovered to have made $146,000 in "tax errors" which included his not paying taxes on more than $80,000 of income from consulting fees after leaving the senate. Representative Eliot Engel, who represents the Bronx, recently had his tax credit revoked for claiming thousands of dollars in tax breaks for his home he is not entitled to. The list goes on and on and isn't even hard to compile with little more a some good "googling".

When are we, as a people, going to finally throw off the yoke being placed upon us? Although it sounds like the government is acting the concerned parent in taking over the tobacco industry, the fact is we don't need anymore centralized authority pressing down upon the choices we make as free citizens of this country. They have already increased the taxes on sodas to curb our desire for what was originally offered as a substitute for alcohol. What is it going to take to get you to email a letter to your representative and tell them to stop? Before long, we will have lost so much of what made this country great at the hands of those who laugh at us, take advantage of us and lie to us. If you want a parent, go back home. If you want to live free in the greatest political experiment that has ever been created, act now.

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