That depends on what the meaning of "savings" is..

I was stunned to see this headline on MSNBC:

Industry reps offer $2 trillion in health savings
Cost reductions are part of a bid to help pass Obama's health overhaul.

It sounds unbelievable, incredible even, that the capitalist pigs would make such a concession. Imagine the much maligned healthcare industry doing something as altruistic as offering to help Obama with his healthcare proposal.

Of course being the conservative, fascist bigot that I am I was skeptical. MSNBC headlines are normally unbiased and accurate so I found myself feeling a little guilty at my cynicism. (Not so much)

As is usual of late with the Obama administration and the main stream media things are not what they seem. This is another attempt at semantic misdirection. You see it is simply a matter of how you define the word “savings”.

Most of us define it like this (from

Savings - –noun

1. a reduction or lessening of expenditure or outlay: a saving of 10 percent.
2. something that is saved.
3. savings, sums of money saved by economy and laid away.
4. Law. a reservation or exception.

Politicians use a slightly different definition that reads something like this:

Savings – noun

1. a reduction or lessening of that rate of increase of costs’
2. something that exists only on paper,
3. a way to convince the unwashed masses that they are getting a deal when in fact nothing has changed except the direction of the spin.

Of course the article illustrates this fact in if one but takes the time to read past the “newspeak” and intelligently parse the facts from fiction.

Read on and you will see what I mean:

WASHINGTON - Top representatives of the health care industry plan to offer $2 trillion in cost reductions over 10 years in a bid to help pass President Barack Obama's health overhaul, a source familiar with the negotiations said Sunday.

Industry officials representing health insurers, hospitals, doctors, drug makers and a major labor union plan to be at White House on Monday to present the offer.

Costs have emerged as the biggest obstacle to Obama's ambitious plan to provide health insurance for everybody. The upfront tab for the federal government from Obama's proposed expansion of health coverage will be due right away while the savings he expects from wringing waste and inefficiency from the health care system will take longer to show up.

Read that to mean they will never materialize. As with all government programs that purport to offset costs by savings down the road the savings will disappear as quickly as a fart in a hurricane. There are many examples of program costs exceeding projections while revenue sources fall short. Think along the lines of social security, Medicare and welfare.

It seems that while politicians exhibit and undeniable proclivity for spending they a fail to follow up on promised cuts to offset the spending. The end result is a mad dash to find ever more creative forms of surreptitious taxation.

A source outside the administration told The Associated Press that the savings would come from slowing projected cost increases by a small percentage each year for 10 years. The result over time would be an estimated $2 trillion in savings on health care costs. The source requested anonymity in order to speak before the public announcement.

Remember the “newspeak” definition of savings? Here is another definition for you: Estimated – a number we pulled out of our asses. Estimated savings and costs are never, I repeat for effect, never anywhere near the real numbers. I cannot fathom how the general public hands these guys a blank check every time they ask given their woefully inadequate math skills.

Trying to strike a deal

In a rare move before the administration has unveiled all the details of its proposal, the industry groups are trying to strike a deal now with Obama officials to help get coverage for all Americans in the hopes they can stave off legislation that would restrict their profitability in future years. Obama has courted industry and provider groups; he invited representatives to a health care summit discussion at the White House. There is a sense among some of the groups that this may be the best opportunity to strike a deal before public opinion turns against them, fueled by anger over costs.

Read that to mean the industries have read the tea leaves and see a hatchet job coming if they do not acquiesce to the Administrations “requests” for cooperation.

"It's still going to cost more each year, but hopefully not as much as has been projected," said John Rother, a top health policy strategist for AARP, the seniors' lobby.

I love this line because it perfectly illustrates the absurdity of “estimated” savings. Note the use of the word “hopefully” and how it instills such a comforting sense of confidence. I think the only hope we have is the next four years finds Obama impotent in his ability to pass any more legislation.

Detailed version coming from Congress

Obama's health care plan not a detailed legislative proposal, but a set of goals. Obama is going to rely on Congress to write the detailed version. The president wants to build on the current system, in which employers, government and individuals share the responsibility of paying for coverage. Most Americans would still have private insurance, but the government would play an even bigger role than it does now, by subsidizing premiums for some middle-class families and by setting national consumer protections.

People working for big companies would probably not see big changes in how they get health insurance. But self-employed people and those working for small businesses would be able to get their coverage through a new kind of insurance purchasing pool, called an "exchange." Plans in the exchange would have to follow new consumer protection rules. For example, they could not deny a person coverage because of existing health problems. And they would not be able to charge sick people more.

There are two things in that previous paragraph that instill me with an unshakeable sense of foreboding. First the fact that congress is going to have a hand in writing the “detailed” version of this plan. That means Pelosi and the rest of the maggots writhing around in the festering corpse that once was congress will be responsible for another piece of ripe carrion being shoved down out collective throats. I can hardly wait. Second government will swallow whole another huge chunk of the private sector. Why we allow the festering pustule that is our government to infect otherwise healthy flesh is a mystery to me.

Lawmakers in Congress are generally following the Obama outlines, with some exceptions. In the Senate, for example, the plan is likely to include a requirement that all Americans carry health insurance, much as states now require motorists to carry auto coverage. Obama had proposed to require parents to get their kids covered, but said a mandate for all would not be affordable for many individuals and families.

All Americans will be required to carry health insurance. What? It is not like car insurance at all. Car insurance is required to protect other drivers, not you. You carry car insurance so that in the event you are driving with your head firmly ensconced in your ass someone else does not have to pay for your mistake.

I want not part of government mandates requiring me to do anything related to healthcare. I have insurance because I choose to and as long as we can render these morons impotent the choice will remain mine, and yours. I want no part of a healthcare system designed by Pelosi et al, or run by the government. The only assurances we will have with that system is that it will be an abomination.

This is so far outside of the scope of powers delegated to the federal government that the founders were they still alive, would be forced to pen a second declaration of independence and declare war congress. I fear that before long I will not recognize this country any more. God help us all.

If for some reason you would like to torture yourself further the full article from MSNBC is available here:

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