Short term memory loss or arrogance?

Is it impossible for anyone engaged in politics to remember the things they say or is it just that they think we won’t remember. I have here two examples that are illustrative of the arrogance of Washington elitists.

First is a video of Obama and McCain during the campaign. McCain is railing against earmarks and the fact that it would save the taxpayers about $18 billion dollars to eliminate them. Our lord and savior Obama is quite correctly pointing out that this represents only one half of one percent of the budget and is therefore insignificant.

The second video is Lord Obama announcing, with great fanfare, that he has poised to cut $17 billion in government expenditures. Of course that number is still only one half of one percent but its significance has magically inflated. Could it be that the anointed one has forgotten what he said during the campaign or, infallible as he is, does he just think we won’t remember.

Obama and McCain during campaign:

Obama Announcing budget cuts:

Our next contestant on “Did I say that?” is…Nancy Pelosi.

Apparently she believed that the truth would remain hidden behind the “Top Secret” curtain and she could deny any knowledge of the enhanced interrogation methods employed under the Bush administration. Not so much. The release of the 2002 documents seems to paint Pelosi as either a liar or an idiot. I’m torn on this as I believe her to be both.

The following is a nice clip of her protestations of ignorance. It will be interesting to see how she slithers her way out of this one.

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