America - Requiescat in pace

Our founders understood that there must be in place a strong framework and a solid foundation to support such an unprecedented venture as a free nation. They constructed that foundation with basic immutable laws and framed our nation with principles that they believed to be divinely inspired.

As with most advanced and innovative constructs there is a requirement that they be maintained with care. Diligence is required to ward of the deleterious effects of time and erosion; to patch the cracks and shore up sagging supports. When properly cared for such an edifice can stand indefinitely.

America has stood proudly as a testimony to her designers’ genius and as a universal symbol of freedom. From her exalted place among nations she has beckoned innumerable multitudes to her shores with the promise of a dream attainable by one and all. She has served as a beacon to those adrift in the stormy seas of oppression and led them safely home.

But alas America has begun to manifest the signs of wear as her care has been so thoughtlessly neglected. She has heroically weathered the tempests of tyranny and oppression from without but cannot stand alone against the apathy and ignorance that fester within. What no foreign power could subdue by force now atrophies of its own accord.

If we do not recognize our illness for what it is and nurse this country back to health we will have no one to blame but ourselves; our epitaph will read:

Her lies our great nation,

No nation could breach our borders by force so we left them unattended.

No nation could crush our spirit so we abandoned it.

No nation could deny us our God so we shunned him.

No nation could match our excellence so we become complacent.

No nation could impugn our morality so we chose depravity.

No nation could take our freedom so we gave it away.

No nation could defeat us so we simply surrendered.

Of course it does not have to be the end; our tenure does not have to conclude with a dismal, self inflicted death spiral. Inside of America beats the heart of a great nation and in her eyes the flame of freedom’s resolve has not yet dimmed. There lies within her the ingenious foundation upon which she was built; forgotten and neglected but still strong and viable despite the fact.
America waits to be rediscovered, to be cherished as she once was when she was young, full of hope and optimism.

She waits for us to remember those things that made her great, to once again be one nation under God and indivisible.

She waits hopeful that this great experiment will not wither and die as our laws are perverted by judicial activism and legislative fiat.

She waits quietly praying that her children will find their way back to her to be safely nestled in her loving bosom and cradled in her loving arms.

She waits; knowing that her enemies will not.

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