You might be a...

You might be a right wing extremist if:

You are proud of your country;

You have stopped and put your hand over your heart during the National Anthem;

You have ever recited the pledge of allegiance (and meant it);

You own a firearm;

You think the “green movement” happens after too much spinach;

Have ever served in the armed forces (and weren’t a conscientious objector);

You own a pickup truck;

You have ever voted for a third party candidate;

You think “tea bagging” actually involves tea;

You know what honor, respect and patriotism are;

You know that the “Founding Fathers” were not a Pop group;

You know how to properly complete a butterfly ballot;

You think marriage is between a man and a woman;

You believe that God exists and that the Bible is more than a “good story”;

You disagree with Obama’s policies and don’t think he is the “Messiah”;

You actually know who the Messiah is;

You think the UN is about as useless as tits on a boar hog;

You know what they above line means;

You might be a liberal whack job if:

You know what “tea bagging” is;

You think that Europe is the pinnacle of civilization;

You think the UN has a clue what they are doing;

You think any actor is qualified to speak about anything other than acting;

You think welfare is the way to inspire self reliance;

You think that Jesus was a guest worker from Mexico;

You think the National Anthem was written by Britney Spears;

You even know who Perez Hilton is;

You have ever defended the concept of “reparations”;

You think the United States is the greatest evil in the world;

You think MSNBC is fair and balanced;

You take anything Bill Maher says seriously;

You think SUVs and soft toilet paper are the greatest threat to the environment;

You got rid of your refrigerator in an attempt to be more “green”;

You have ever felt “white guilt”;

You get “chills” up and down your leg when Obama speaks;

You own, have ever owned, will ever own a Prius;

You have ever held a funeral for a tree or other plant;

You understand anything that comes out of Keith Olberman’s mouth;

You think Rush, Hannity and Oreilly are the triune version of the Antichrist;

You think euthanasia is good for everyone but yourself;

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