Where's your crown king nothing?

Have become a nation of debtor kings sitting proudly upon our throne of affectations? I would be inclined to answer in the affirmative and the evidence tends to support the assertion. We have become little more than the sum total of our possessions; blithely mortgaging our future for a chance to surpass the Jones’; if not in possessions at least in debt.

The recent economic collapse has exposed the dirty secret that hid behind the fa├žade of success; I have seen the enemy and the enemy is us. We are the high tech version of a heroin junkie, addicted to the appearance of success at all cost. Damn the torpedoes we sold the life boats to buy a 50” plasma TV. We are going down in style.

Reminiscent of a depression long passed it is only a matter of time before it is raining bankers and CEO’s from the nearest window. Now, as then, some are ill-equipped to deal with having been stripped of their prestige and power. The problem is more insidious now as this class is not limited to the elite. We have all drunk the Kool-Aid and paid homage at the altar of excess. Stripped of their possessions some will, no doubt, find themselves hollow and unworthy.

As foreclosures beget homelessness and bankruptcy begets joblessness more will find themselves in desperate straights. As a generation that has known only success and never tasted of true suffering I fear that the human toll may not be limited to executives spreading their wings from high-rises.

The news is replete with acts of insanity and desperation. Deranged individuals killing cops, shooting up nursing homes, decapitating sisters and killing their whole families along with themselves, I begin to wonder what lies in store as the economy worsens.

The lesson is clear, at least to me; you don’t sail without a lifeboat, you don’t sky dive without parachute, you never race without a helmet and you simply do not spend what you do not have. If you are looking for the government to help you, turn around, they are the ones behind you yelling "hurry up your blocking the damn window."

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