The true face of American fascism.

There are as many definitions of fascism as there are definers of the term. There is no true consensus as the term is dynamic; constantly morphing to encompass any and all positions deemed an anathema to the liberal agenda.

But there are historical precedents that allow us to parse out the fundamental tenets of traditional fascism and apply those tenets to modern liberalism exposing striking similarities.

In the full light of objective scrutiny it becomes obvious that modern Liberalism is more akin to classical fascism, modern Conservatism a close relative of classical Liberalism and that true fascism is a phenomenon owned part and parcel by the modern left. It seems that the titles have remained intact but the paradigm has shifted.

The tools employed by modern fascists have changed little over the decades since first employed by the likes of Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler. They have taken on a more innocuous tenor but lack none of the repressive undertones of their predecessors and in some cases are more insidious for their “populist” appeal. Think along the lines of land mines hidden in playgrounds.

We can draw parallels in many areas but will limit ourselves to these: Religion, "the common good", “national crisis", and environmental activism.


One of the tenets of classical fascism is to replace God with the state, making the state the source of divine law and rendering its interpretation the ultimate authority. Replacing "accepted" religions with the "religion of the state” removes the impediments of traditional moral codes from the path of the government. What is deemed good for the state (the common good) has precedence over what is good for the individual. No longer are there competing interests among the population, no longer are there competing goals or paths to enlightenment. The state effectively becomes the arbiter of right and wrong, of moral and immoral behaviour.

You can see the parallels between classical fascism and modern liberalism with their crusades to remove God from the government and society at large, their attacks on traditional marriage, conservative values, and an overall contempt on the part of the left for Christians in general.

The political correctness movement has challenged even the most innocuous references to God to match the preconceived notion of a secular society (a necessary precursor to the "state religion"). For example the change from A.D. to C.E. (Year of our Lord to Common Era) and B.C. to B.C.E. (Before Christ to Before Common Era), removing prayer from school and public events, to name a few. The left has taken up where the Jacobins left off. Can anyone argue that the left owns this issue?

The Common Good:

The "common good" is nothing more than a euphemism for fascist ideology. History is replete with examples of how the "common good" was anything but, at least for the commoners. Hitler's genocide, Stalin's oppressive regime, Iraq's mass graves all steeped in the notion of the "common good". The left's use of this euphemism makes it particularly easy to draw historical parallels between fascism and modern liberalism.

Look at the undertakings pursued by the left in the interest of the common good. We have the war on smokers, the war on trans fats, the war on pollution (also tied into environmental activism), the war on beef/meat, and wars on everything else deemed "unhealthy" or contrary to the common good. The left has made it their cause to protect us from ourselves, but to what end?

Heinrich Himmler was an animal rights activist as well and an advocate of natural healing. Hitler seriously considered moving Germany to vegetarianism and Hitler youth pamphlets proclaimed “Nutrition is not a private matter”. Where the danger lies is not in advocating a healthy lifestyle, we could all agree that such an action is in a persons best interest, where fascism lies hidden is in mandating a healthy lifestyle for the greater good. This usurps a person’s right to choose, their rights, our rights, become subordinate to the rights and whims of the collective.

National crisis / Environmental Activism:

I combined these two because they are inextricably united in purpose. Crises are the undeniable staples of fascism and environmental activism is simply a subset of crises. The reason that crises are so fundamental to fascism is that most people expect government action to forestall an impending crisis or to mitigate an ongoing one. We as a nation expect our government to protect us from danger and we rarely question the measures taken to do so. If we dare to question the wisdom of an action we are subjugated to the role of "the party of no".

A shining example is the so called “economic crisis”. The government understands that when acting in an emergency there is little chance for honest and substantive debate on policy issues. “We have to act fast” becomes the mantra and debate or deliberation is labeled as obstructionist and counter to the good of the country. How else could something as bloated and inefficient as the “Stimulus plan" have passed without even having been read?

Take the time to notice how much of the liberal agenda is labeled a crisis or national emergency. Global warming, the economy, the health care crisis, the war on poverty, the war on crime ad infinitum. There is a reason for this; they understand that under the scrutiny of debate and in the full light of public inspection their agenda would fail. No debate means they can pass their agenda whole sale with little to no resistance. This particular facet of fascism is not unique to the left but under their careful rearing it has grown to unprecedented proportions.

One only has to listen to the words of the left to gain clear understanding of their mindset. The White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, gave us a look into fascist core of liberalism when he said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste — and what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before.” What clearer indictment of the left's motives could there be than their own words?

The left have adopted fascism and its axiom of “any action of the state is acceptable to achieve the common good”. They have, through slight of hand and projection, successfully labeled the right as fascists. Their adeptness at prestidigitation not withstanding they embody everything that is “fascism” in its truest form.

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