Stand up and be heard.

Conservatives are not the minority in this country. We have been beaten down by the main stream media and portrayed as Nazis, Christian fanatics, fascists, terrorists and wingnuts. Our voices have been muted for far too long by the constant din of the vocal minority and special interest groups.

Our leadership has abandoned us to embrace moderates, liberals, special interest groups and their leftist agenda. They have actively thwarted the will of their constituents by allowing unconscionable legislation to pass unhindered.

They all have one thing in common. They have all underestimated our resolve to be heard.

In the spirit of the 912 Project and in furtherance of the "we surround them" principle I wanted to take a completely un-scientific poll. I know we are the majority but I think it is important for others to see some empirical evidence of that fact.

So I put it in your hands, the good and honorable people of this nation, to make a loud and unequivocal declaration; We are no longer content to be portrayed as the radical fringe, we are the majority. We are the backbone of this country and our values, entrepreneurial spirit and undying work ethic are what made America great. We will no longer be silent.

Please take a moment to register your vote and let your voice be heard. Send a resounding message to the RINOs, liberals and quasi-socialists who are in charge that we are watching them. Let them know we are armed with a sharpened resolve to be heard and we will vote their asses out if they continue to betray our trust.

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