Souter to retire. Is that a good thing?

Oh, how my heart sank when I read this headline from on MSN:

NBC: Souter to retire from Supreme Court
His retirement would give Obama his first chance to nominate a justice

NBC News and news services

Up until now I had been so absorbed in the many faceted dismantling of our nation by Obama that I had completely missed this angle. By far this is the one area where Obama has the ability to do the most long term damage to America as we know it. With Supreme Court Justices serving unlimited terms there lays the potential for a complete shift in the nations laws as we know them.

WASHINGTON - Supreme Court Justice David Souter plans to retire, after more than 19 years on the court, once the current term ends in late June, NBC News reported Thursday night.

This next line really did send chills up my spine, not the good kind either. It’s not that I am a fan of Souter, on the contrary, for a Republican appointment he has been a nightmare, but there is something to be said about the devil you know versus the one you don’t.

A retirement by Souter, 69, would give President Barack Obama his first chance to nominate a justice and the next few months would bring Senate confirmation hearings. His departure, however, isn't likely to change the court's liberal-conservative composition, because his successor will almost certainly be moderate to liberal, NBC News correspondent Pete Williams reported.

I think we can go ahead and scratch the moderate part, nothing Obama has done thus far would lull me into any sense of hope that his appointment will be anything other than a far left radical liberal. It’s not like Obama has shown any proclivity to govern from center, hell he makes Souter look conservative. I would not be shocked to see Bill Ayers in a black robe, utterly disgusted but not shocked.

The news only gets worse I’m afraid as there are others nearing retirement. The article noted the following:

Other candidates for retirement:

The other candidates for retirement are Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 76, and Stevens, 89, although neither has betrayed any intention of leaving. Ginsburg, who is undergoing chemotherapy following surgery for pancreatic cancer in February, said she wants to serve into her 80s.

The only hope, if there is any, is that Souter will hold on until after the mid-term elections. Then, hopefully, the composition of the House and Senate will take on a new more conservative flavor. At least in that scenario there would be a chance to block any radical appointments. If not we are in for a long and tumultuous ride.

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