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A little change of pace for me here; I wanted to take a minute away from politics to tell everyone about a great web site I found.

For all of you aspiring writers out there it is always nice to make a buck or two for you efforts. You can do just that with BloggersBase. It is a unique site in that you have the ability to win cash prizes if your post comes in either first or second.

There are numerous categories each of them carrying with it a cash prize. First place carries a $40 prize and second place a $10 prize. No muss no fuss and no catches. I have won several of these cash prizes which have been paid out to my paypal account within about 3 days.

The posts are rated by others on the site some writers, like yourself, and some just readers. A point most of my DIGG friends will appreciate is that the site seems to be predominantly conservative. A refreshing change from DIGG.

You don’t have to write exclusively for BloggersBase. You can set up an RSS feed that automatically submits your blog posts for you. All you are required to do is approve each post.

There really is no down side to this, you are writing the posts already; why not get paid as well. Why not expose your righting to an entirely new group of people.

If you are interested click here:

Join BloggersBase

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have.

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