Franken Vs. Coleman Night of the living Dead IX “Munching in Minnesota”.

Or maybe “the night of the undead zombie lawyers”, either way what we have is the election that won’t die. At least zombie lawyers can be killed with a shot to the head; I’m not sure what will kill this abomination, this anathema to the electoral process. Apparently if you don’t like the ending, wait, the lawyers will rewrite it for you.

November is when elections are held and in Minnesota they are replaying the results ad nauseam before jurist after jurist like a low budget version of “Ground hog Day”. I guess the desire for Coleman is to roll the dice enough times that eventually he will hit his lucky numbers. I think Coleman needs to take break and look over his shoulder at the swath of destruction he has torn through the middle of the republican’s credibility.

The truth is this. The voters spoke on Election Day. The results were close and there may have been some monkey business going on there, who knows for sure. The question Coleman should be asking is this; Is what I’m doing good for the Republican Body Politic, my credibility and the American people or not? Or not, anyone?

This is what the Republicans eviscerated Al Gore for in 2000, for trying to thwart the will of the voters through litigation. We were right to fight Gore then and Coleman is wrong to vacillate to the dark side now. What could justify such a blatant case of hypocrisy? The mistaken belief that the extra vote will help stop Obama, not likely, as there are more than enough RINOs in the senate to negate that issue. Maybe the belief that the truth will come out and the good guys win in the end….Okay lay off the hard stuff.

So what then is driving the Coleman caravan over the cliff of credibility? It’s really no more than a combination of greed and ego. The lawyers have so far soaked both candidates out of about $12 million, that’s the greed, and neither of these guys have figured out they are getting thoroughly fleeced in the process, that’s the ego. Win at all cost, even if that cost is your credibility and the integrity of the process.

I don’t know who will emerge the victorious in this but the clear loser is the process. Thwarting the will of the voters is always wrong. Legal proceedings like these should be reserved for cases where violations are egregious and require the intervention of the legal system to ensure the will of the voter, not to obscure the will of the voter.

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