Condoms for convicts? What the hell is wrong with Florida?

Okay, now I think things have gotten a little out of hand. Let’s start with Florida's latest attempt to legislate stupidity into law. The bill (Senate bill so188) starts:

A bill to be entitled
An act relating to state inmates; authorizing a nonprofit or public health care organization to distribute sexual barrier protection devices to inmates in the state correctional system; requiring the Department of Corrections to develop a plan to properly dispose of used sexual barrier protection devices; providing an effective date.

Let’s think about this for a moment;requiring the D.O.C. to develop a plan to properly dispose of used barrier protection devices…Let’s reword that so it makes a little more sense; requiring Correctional officers to throw away used rubbers? They’re kidding right?

It’s not enough that the state has to feed, house and care for inmates now we have to clean up their used condoms as well? Does anybody else find this offensive in the least?

These men are convicted felons serving a sentence in a state facility under the pretense of rehabilitation. They are prohibited from engaging in sexual activity. So why is our legislature mandating that they be allowed condoms and that C.O.’s have to figure out how to dispose of them? This is beyond asinine.

Correctional Officers risk life and limb everyday dealing with these dangerous vermin, now to add to the list of duties handling bio hazardous material seems a bit unfair. If they are not allowed to engage in sexual activity then why provide them condoms?

I can already hear the tired argument that has been used to bolster similar programs in high schools. It goes something like…blah, blah, blah, going to do it anyway...blah, blah, blah. Look, they may anyway that much is true, but by providing condoms the state is lending tacit approval to this activity.

How many of you think that sex in prison is consensual? If you do you have never been incarcerated or worked in a prison (For the record I was a C.O. not an inmate). Sex is coerced by threat or promise; it is not consensual sex between loving adults (like I really needed to explain that). So by providing condoms we are advocating homosexual rape. I think that is what our representatives should be doing, how about you?

The argument that they are going to do it anyway is a non sequitur. Let’s expand that logic to the activities that got them incarcerated to begin with. People are going to kill people anyway so we should give them bigger guns so the victims don’t suffer.

Floridians please take the time to stop our representatives from wasting money on this boondoggle of a program, if they want to spend money on condoms how about providing them to idiots so they don’t procreate and become legislators. Just a thought.

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