The apology tour continues.

This nation has apparently morphed from the once great nation that inspired generations of immigrants to risk all, to a cowering conglomeration of competing ideologies and hedonistic self interest. So the Commander in Chief would have the world believe. Is it true?

Our President has seen fit to apologize to our enemies for a laundry list of perceived transgressions. Not out of any sense of shared guilt that he has contributed to the downfall of the American empire, on the contrary, he has placed himself above the fray and is issuing these conciliatory requests as if an embarrassed parent who has been informed of their child’s misdeeds.

I for one am not grateful for his insincere prostration on my behalf. I am not among those who are convinced of our nation’s crimes against humanity.

I do not find fault with a nation of altruistic philanthropists who willingly allow their hard earned money to be used to support the downtrodden in other less fortunate nations.

I do not find fault with a nation of patriots willing to lay down their lives at the prospect of spreading freedom to nations that have known only tyranny.

I do not find fault with a nation that opens its borders to those seeking the American dream and welcomes them as equals, as brothers.

I can find no fault in a nation that has shown the strength to lead in times of hardship and disaster, even to its own detriment.

What has this nation done to warrant such disdain from one of its own?

This terrible nation has allowed men of color to succeed in holding every office of prestige up to an including the President of the United States and yet we are labeled racists.

This nation has interceded on behalf of the oppressed peoples of countless nations and yet we are xenophobes and imperialists.

This nation has the highest standard of living for all socio-economic classes and yet we are “fat cat” capitalists who care nothing for the poor.

We give more money to alleviate world hunger than all other nations combined and yet we are apathetic and uncaring.

We have exported our greatest asset, freedom, to nations across the world and yet we are fascists.

What has this nation done to warrant such contempt from one of its own? We have done nothing.

Our founding fathers understood the power contained in the words that form our most sacred constitution. Our leaders have both forgotten and forsaken it as antiquated and archaic. Thus for our lack of attention we have paid the price.

We have a constitution that ensures freedom of speech yet dissent is looked upon with disdain.

We have a constitution that allows for freedom of religion yet Christianity and Judaism are openly scorned.

We have a constitution that gives us the right to bear arms yet if we do so we are considered extremists and terrorists.

We have a constitution that guarantees our equality under the law and yet there are “favored” groups that have special protection.

We have a constitution that provides us with elected representatives who no longer represent us. What has happened to the great American experiment?

Forever the price of freedom is vigilance. We must protect ourselves from enemies without as well as those within. We have been asleep for too long in our comforts. We have allowed these freedoms to slip quietly away in the name of security and complacency.

What has this nation done to warrant such contempt from our own? The answer is simple, we have done nothing and our efforts have been duly rewarded.

Therein lays the crux of the problem.

We have stood by quietly while our nation’s character is impugned by our leaders.

We have watched idly as our sovereignty was sold out to the highest bidder.

We have hidden behind our own selfish interests ignoring the slow, steady erosion of our God given rights.

We have tolerated corrupt politicians and corporate greed as long as it did not impinge on our hedonistic pursuits.

We have allowed the persecution of others in the hope that we would escape notice.

We have been silent.

We were warned by our founders against such complacency. We have failed to remain vigilant and have paid the price for our negligence. What must be done is obvious but no less arduous a task for its simplicity.

We must rise up against the tyranny that calls itself our friend.

We must challenge what has become the status quo and remove the cancer from our heart.

We must correct the course of this great nation to ensure its continued existence as a beacon of freedom and righteousness.

In less grandiose terms we must hold our leaders accountable but first, we must hold ourselves accountable. We have to acknowledge our own part in this story if we are to right the wrongs. We must remove the plank from our own eyes before we remove the speck from our leader’s eyes. They have become nothing more than we have allowed them to become.

When our President apologizes to the world for our misdeeds he is doing so with the moral authority we have granted him. It is time to send a clear message to the President and all of our elected officials:

We have made mistakes, not those that the president is begging forgiveness for on bended knee, but something far more egregious; we have allowed our leaders to be corrupt and complacent in their halls of power and have not held them accountable. This mistake, I pray, we will correct.

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