We can end our dependence on foreign oil today.

The following headline is straight from the USGS website: 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate— This is great news I can't believe that the main stream media isn't all over this. Imagine breaking the cycle of dependence on foreign countries that sponsor terror and hold us hostage with price gouging. The truth is this article was posted on 04-10-08. Why haven't we heard about this. This is the largest continuous oil reserve ever discovered in the lower 48 states. The USGS goes on to say that this is actual recoverable oil. We are not held hostage by terrorists and oil cartels. The truth is we are held hostage by environmentalist. The msm is a willing accomplice to this domestic terrorist threat and has demonized domestic production through fear and intimidation tactics. A "live" search of the article headline reveals that the majority of reporting on this has been through blogs. The msm is conspicuously missing. If you aren't pissed yet you haven't thought this out. We could start to ween ourselves from foreign oil with domestic production. That means the money stays here, jobs stay here and we quit feeding the terrorists that want to kill us. It also means we could free up money to develop alternative fuels without the fear of an embargo or contrived shortage. Failing to develop our domestic resources given the state of our economy is unconscionable. Feel free to pass this information on. I encourage you to check the facts for yourself. Be an independent thinker and do your own homework. We need to hold accountable those who intentionally and maliciously keep us suckling on the tit of OPEC and the like. The link to the USGS is


  1. as long as the msm can keep us in the dark and stupid to their tricks (not telling us) they will continue to keep us dependent on foreign oil as they want...this will continue to erode our countrys effectivness and keep gore and his crackpots in the drivers seat...keep new nukes from being built so we can use our food to make alchole so they can keep the poor, poor so they can blame the people who work paying more taxes so they can't make new jobs so they can blame the republicans so they can keep in power so they can keep us in the they can...

  2. One long and frustrating cycel of dependence. This is what is fudamentally wrong with liberalism/socialism.


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