Political correctness?

Janet Napolitano’s recent rejection of the term terrorism in favor of “man caused disaster” drew some attention in the media. The Obama administrations removal of the term “enemy combatant” and the newly coined term “Overseas Contingency Operation” to replace “War on terror” highlight what has been simply called political correctness. I think this is an inaccurate and dangerous characterization. To allow this to pass as a simple case of political correctness misses the point entirely.

This rewriting of terminology is emblematic of a much larger and more insidious issue; the belief by some that terrorists are nothing more than freedom fighters willing to die for their cause and that “we” are the true terrorists. Parallels have been drawn between their murderous attacks on innocent civilians and US tactics during times of war. This comparison is ludicrous.

The softening of commonly used terminology is nothing more than an attempt to humanize these inhumane murderers. The unfortunate truth is that the main stream media is complicit in this. They have proven their treasonous beliefs through their self indulgent and woefully biased reporting on these issues. They made a media spectacle of Cindy Sheehan as she made statements like: “terrorists killing Americans are freedom fighters." It is disheartening to hear such statements from someone who suffered the loss of her own son who was defending this country. I imagine her son would have bristled at the thought that he was killing innocent “freedom fighters”.

The recent coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine has a decidedly pro-Palestinian slant to it. If anything, the American media is sympathetic to Palestinian terror. A Palestinian sniper murdered a 10-month old Jewish baby by firing two bullets into her head as her father held her outside their home. Two days later, two 15-year-old Israelis were murdered in Jerusalem when a Palestinian university student blew himself up at a crowded school bus station. The American media referred to these murderers as "activists," "militants," and "residents of the West Bank." It seems the one description Palestinian murderers seldom garner is "terrorist." Never mind the fact that Palestine has lobbed missiles into Israel repeatedly without direct provocation killing innocent civilians.

The media is not the only accomplice to the assault on our country’s character; the institutions of higher learning are hard at work indoctrinating our youth. Brett Mock spoke about his adventures in a class he took at Ball State University in Indiana. The class was titled “Peace Studies” and was billed as a course in the causes of war and peace. Mock discovered, to his dismay, that far from being an academic examination of these issues, the class was a recruitment and training course in leftwing politics and anti-American attitudes. He reported that its lectures and texts without exception guided him and his classmates to views of America as an enemy of global peace, and to a sympathetic understanding of the terrorists who have attacked us. He and his classmates were encouraged to join organizations that included pro-terrorist groups. Those who did were given academic credits and those who supported America were not.

I do not agree with every decision our country has made. I did not support our reasons for attacking Iraq. What I cannot accept is the characterization of this country as nothing more than a state sponsor of terror. This “terrorist” nation known as the United States of America has done more to support freedom and prosperity around the world than any other country. This “terrorist” nation donates more food and money to struggling nations than any other in the world by a great margin. The people of this “terrorist” nation are a peace loving and generous people. I am tired of other countries painting us as otherwise; I am sickened when our own leaders and their media accomplices buy into this ludicrous assertion as well.

This is not political correctness run amuck; it is something so much more insidious.

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