Obama = Wife beater?

Obama was touted as a new kind of politician, the defender of the down trodden, the bringer of hope and change, the savior of us all. A new kind of politician ? It seems now that the shine has worn off and veneer has been stripped away even his most ardent supporters are beginning to question his qualifications.

I have read numerous articles that portray Obama as nothing more than politics as usual; I disagree. There is nothing ordinary about this man’s dishonesty or his blatant hypocrisy. Obama is the very epitome of everything that is wrong with politics to the point of being a political caricature.

Obama’s inattentiveness to the fires burning down our economy, our very way of life, makes Nero look like a responsible head of state. I wish he were only standing around fiddling but he has taken to throwing gas on the fire with his socialist agenda and encouraging his sycophants to demonize the real firefighters as right wing hacks and partisans.

With his laundry list of broken promises and outright lies it’s incredible that he has any political capital left to expend. Why does this man have any credibility left? Why are his poll numbers still not reflective of his utter failure thus far as president? I can offer no scientifically sound answer to these questions. I can only offer speculation based on life experiences.

I believe that this nationwide denial of the facts is based on the same emotional investment that wives make to abusive husbands. It is a need for that person to change, to become the idealized version that each person holds in their mind. Abused spouses are not ignorant of the fact that they are abused; they are not oblivious to the physical and mental pain they suffer at the hands of loved ones. They simply have a perceived need for this person in their life. They have lost their self-esteem and believe that they are incapable of succeeding on their own.

Our government has worked hard to foster this same type of relationship with voters. They have done this by creating a dependent class of Americans who believe that they cannot succeed but for the assistance of government. They have created numerous sub-cultures and groups of people. We are no longer Americans we are rich, poor, black white, Hispanic or middle class. We have been divided and conquered and now believe that we are dependent on the government for our survival. Obama is the personification of the benevolent abuser. Obama giveth and Obama taketh away.

Obama ran on the premise that he would right all of the wrongs and bring parity among the socio-economic classes. Obama promised that he would pull us all up from the gutter and make us equals. Obama made that dependent class feel as if the government was the only answer to their problems. He promised to punish the rich and reward the poor. Obama promised to end the malaise Bush created in his tenure. The problem is that none of these things are possible, at least not by the hand of government.

As with abused spouses the cycle will not be broken until the abused realize that they are capable of succeeding on their own. They must have their self-esteem restored and find in themselves a successful, self reliant person. The rugged individual must be rediscovered in each of us. We are what makes government work and not the other way around. Government serves at our will and is nothing more than the framework in which we are able succeed. We have allowed our government to become populated with flash-in-the-pan rock star personas with only their self interest at heart. We need to wake up and take control of our own lives. When we do this we will render government impotent to control us and we will again control them.

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