My Daily Rant

You may not have known this but the kidnapping capital of the world is Mexico City, Mexico. This should be of concern to most Americans given the proximity of Mexico to the US and the number of US citizens that frequent Mexico. What is more frightening is the location of the city that ranks 2nd in the world only to Mexico City. That would be Phoenix Arizona. That’s right a US city. What do the two cities have in common? The answer is simple; Mexican drug cartels.

The kidnappings are related to the drug trade that is threatening to collapse Mexico from within and turning our border cities into war zones. This issue has only now become a popular news item in the main stream media but not for the right reasons. The MSM is publicizing this for the purpose of pushing assault weapons bans. The MSM is highlighting the fact that drug cartels are arming themselves with weapons supplied from the US.

While I am glad that the MSM is bringing light to the issues on the border I think they have once again missed the point. The issue is not guns coming across from the US. The issue is that guns can come across from the US and drugs can come across from Mexico. More simply stated the issue is border security or the glaring lack thereof.

There will always be a market for drugs and guns, of that there is little doubt. We need to enforce existing laws pertaining to gun and drug smuggling not create new laws restricting the rights of US citizens under the second amendment. We need to secure our borders above all else. No law, regardless of how draconian it is, will stop the flow of guns and drugs across the border. The only way to do this is to stop the flow of people across the border.

As long as illegal immigrants, criminals and drug dealers can move freely into our cities and back again the problem will persist and worsen. Disembodied heads litter the streets of cities like Ciudad Juarez which are within a stones throw of US cities. How long will it be before they litter the streets of our cities as well. Common sense dictates that we need to start with border control. Once the borders are secured I doubt we will need to attack the rights of US citizens to own guns. Let’s get it right the first time.


  1. Instead of trying to stop them which is practically not possible we should make it easy to get visas.
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  3. it is not only possible it should be easy...line up our troops at short distances use the technology to see who and what is moving and stop it or shoot mercy on dealers...bribes and those taking them should be put in jail for 30 yrs...dealers shot on site when caught w/drugs if they deals on for drug runners...lock down our borders...north and south...

  4. I agree. it will only be a matter of time before it spills over into our cities. I really don't think it would be hard for us to secure the border, it only takes the "true will" of the U.S. to do it, and therin lies the problem. I don't think we have ever shown the will to handle this problem, all we ever do is incremental measures. There will come a time, probably in the not too distant future, that this will become a crises and finally we will respond.


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