My Daily rant.

The problem with principles is that you must be true to them. If you are a person of principle then you cannot compromise your principles to suit the situation. There is a word to describe that; hypocrite.

There are some republicans that have not yet learned that voters expect them to adhere to a certain set of principles. When conservatives vote for a candidate they expect that candidate to stand on conservative principles the same way liberals expect their candidates to stand on liberal principles. Above all else we expect our representatives to represent their constituent’s principles and values. No one likes a hypocrite.

John McCain made a pledge to make famous those who are polluting our legislative process with pork spending and earmarks. I make a pledge to help him. Let me start with the Omnibus spending bill recently passed by the senate. First the candidates who did the right thing and voted against the bill based on principle by that I mean they voted against it and did not themselves include earmarks in the bill.

The list is actually pretty short: Senators McCain, DeMint, Feingold, Coburn and McCaskill all voted against the bill and did not submit earmarks. It should be noted that McCaskill and Feingold are Democrats. One other Democrat voted against the bill, Evan Bayh, but he had 4 earmarks totaling $1,188,000. Hypocrite. This means that the others who voted for or against the bill had earmarks in it. For the Democrats it was business as usual, for all of the Republicans who have been railing against pork barrel spending it was pure Hypocrisy. One enigma is Olympia Snowe, a Republican who voted for the bill but had no earmarks, I just don’t understand that one.

Now for the true problem children; the Republicans who ensured the passage of this wasteful bill. I will put them in order by disgust factor. The worst of the bunch have to be the two Republican Senators from Mississippi. Thad Cochran was responsible for 65 earmarks totaling $75,908,475 along with Roger Wicker who had 9 earmarks for $4,324,000. I guess Mississippi will be doing well for the remainder of the budget year. Next is Republican Senator Christopher Bond who managed to bilk taxpayers for 54 earmarks totaling $85,691,491, not bad for a days work. Arlen Specter led Republicans in the total number of earmarks with 134 but only managed to total out at $25,320,000. Other notable hypocrites included Lisa Murkowski of Arkansas with 71 earmarks for $74,000,750, Richard Shelby with a startling 64 earmarks for $114,484,250 and last but not least Lamar Alexander of Tennessee who had 10 earmarks for $5,402,000.

I am not bothering to include the Democrats earmarks, which are considerably more in number and cost, because I am not responsible for their election. The Republicans run on a smaller government platform and yet they contradict that with their actions. We need to hold them accountable. They are also part of the problem. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It really is that simple. These representatives are admonishing Americans to sacrifice and cut back to help save the economy while they increased spending by 8% in this bill. I think they need to cut back and let us spend our money. Help me make these hypocrites famous, help me remove them from office and put in those who respect our wishes. Help me elect those who will make this country a better place for our children, not a socialist wasteland. For more on who spends what check out this site:


  1. It is astounding to see our Congress loading up with these earmarks knowing how much of a spotlight is being focused on this issue. It can only lead you to the conclusion that they absolutely do not care what we think, not to mention it was a campaign promise of the Administration. This is a perfect issue for conservatives to stand against and start building a platform of integrity going forward. It is hard to believe that they can not seize this opportunity considering there are Congressional elections just around the corner.

  2. They are blind to what they are doing. Either they truly believe that we won't notice/don't care or they are so arrogant that they don't care. In either case is does not bode well for our rights as citizens.

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  4. yes it is arrogance...they(libs) believe they have total control...and nobody...liberals or conservatives are going to stand in the way of them turning this country into a socialist country...another sign that this country is going to be brought to its knees by this administration...on purpose...this will ensure that the libs can stay in power because "only big government can save our country!!!" this will ensure the middle class will become dependant on government handouts just like the lower class already is a ready pool of think they will give up their regular checks for all these years and the increase in that check for each new baby they have? no matter if there is a father or if they even work? untill this country stands up and goes back to reason and responsible actions itself we will not be able to rid ourselves of the corruption in washington...power corrupts...absolut power corrupts absoultly...and the current administration is bent on total power without checks and balances...(we all must support the president...he cannot fail!!!) even though during the elections hillery said that we have a right to debate these the left is saying we must support the messiah without debate...


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