My Daily Rant

Can anyone tell me why President Obama is crapping on our oldest and strongest ally? The series of “snuffs” afforded England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown by President Obama seems to be a clear indication that the relationship has fundamentally changed. It started with Obama canceling a planned, podium-to-podium news conference with Brown and seems to have escalated from there. Next our commander-in-chief elected to return the bust of Sir Winston Churchill. The bust had been on loan from England and they graciously offered to continue that loan to Obama. The offer was declined which set off a furor overseas. The bust had occupied a cherished spot in President Bush's Oval Office. Intended as a symbol of transatlantic solidarity, the bust was a loaner from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair following the September 11 attacks. The follow-up to his first and second gaffes was no less than the coup de gras. Brown presented Obama with a pen holder crafted from the timbers of the 19th century British warship HMS President (whose sister ship, HMS Resolute, provided the wood for the Oval Office's desk). Obama returned the generosity by giving Brown 25 DVDs of American movie classics. Obama may have overlooked the fact that in all likelihood they would not play on foreign DVD players as they operate on a different format. These overt acts of indifference to England have resulted in less than kind reviews of Obama in English papers. Some of the following quotes seem to portray Obama in a less than favorable light:
"President Obama has been rudeness personified towards Britain," sniffed The Daily Telegraph Friday. "His handling of the visit of the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to Washington was appalling."
"Oh, give me strength," wrote one Daily Telegraph staffer. "We do have television and DVD stores on this side of the Atlantic."
Equally insulting, decided the Times of London, was Michelle Obama's "solipsistic" and "inherently dismissive" gifts to the Browns' two little boys, Fraser and John.
The offending souvenirs? Toy models of Marine One, the President's helicopter — gifts no doubt plucked from the White House gift shop at the last minute, The Times decided.
Brown's wife, Sarah, by contrast arrived with dresses for Sasha and Malia from the UK's trendy Top Shop (with matching necklaces) and a selection of books by British authors.
"A bit of thought had clearly gone into choosing them," crowed The Daily Mail. "Lovely."
Maybe it’s just me but I think Obama has confused our allies with our enemies and vice versa. While he courts relationships with nations like Iran, Syria and Cuba with one hand he simultaneously snuffs our closest allies like England and Israel with the other. It is beyond all reason. When all things are said and done and the smoke settles I hope that our allies will realize that Obama does not reflect the sentiment of the majority of this nation.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Maintaining a positive relationship with Great Britain is the easiest thing a president ever does. It's natural, historical, and damned near automatic. It's hard to believe that Obama could have messed it up so soon. What a shame.

    I wonder if he'll have the nerve to ask the British for help the next time we need them.

  2. I just goes to show how truly inept Obama is when it comes to actually leading a country. No doubt he has campaigning down to an art but the two are completely divergent entities.


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