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Maybe we should start paying attention to Mexico and the whole illegal immigration thing. Glenn Beck has been railing on this issue and has been lampooned and denigrated for his trouble. It seems now that the main stream media (MSM) is now taking notice of this issue, a day late and a dollar short. They are starting to notice what border residents already know, the violence and drug wars are not contained in Mexico’s borders. The Justice Department's National Drug Intelligence Center calls Mexican drug cartels "the greatest organized crime threat to the United States," saying they "control drug distribution in most U.S. cities. Maybe we should reassess the immigration policy of this country. Without rehashing the drug wars successes and failures this simple immutable fact should be addressed; if they can’t bring it across the borders they can’t sell it. We are completely overlooking the simplest method of addressing this problem. Close the damn border. It may result in a spike in the domestic drug trade but at least those offenders we can address directly. Let’s stop spending our time and resources trying to fight the drug war in another country. Quite bluntly that is their problem. If Mexico digresses into anarchy because of their lack of an effective government we will suffer. Our border is a joke; imagine for a minute a nation of refugees fleeing a failed government. We currently have no way to prevent the drug cartels from coming across along with the innocent victims. As the situation deteriorates south of the border we sit around waiting for the fallout. We need to act now and strengthen our borders, not to stop legitimate immigration which is vital to us as a nation but to prevent the dregs of someone else’s society from becoming our problem. For more on this read this MSN article.


  1. The reason that the MSM is now focusing on the violence near the borders is because they are going to use it as a rallying point to gain support for the ban on "assault" rifles (whatever the heck those are). It has nothing to do with stopping illegal immigrants and everything with stopping you from owning a gun.

    Of course, the Commie-crats in Congress are the ones pulling the MSM's strings. They are already busily pointing out that the majority of "assault" weapons used by the Mexican drug cartels who are killing and kidnapping folks around the Mexican border are coming from gun dealers in America.

    Nope, no substantive mention of improving border security, but lots of venom directed towards legitimate gun dealers who sell "assault" rifles unknowingly to illegals (who are able to hide their real identity because of Libtard laws).

    To understand why the MSM has picked a story, always look for the running "narrative" when dealing with the MSM. In this case, it is; "guns, not criminals, are bad and should be outlawed."

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  2. Thanks much for the add and the advice. I should have known that if the MSM was touting it, it wasn't for any good reason.

  3. It is so much easier for them to worry about what Rush said so they can villify someone to retain power. There are real issues to solve (illegal immigration being one) and we have nobody willing to actually solve them. The real interest is pushing agendas that will be the death of us as a country.

  4. Hi, Silent Majority.
    You left a comment on my website in response to my We Surround Them post.

    To be quite honest, I am not a conservative; rather I tend to say that I am a small "l" libertarian. I agree with the principles and the values of the We Surround Them, but there is much about the conservative agenda that I do not agree with or find to be a distraction from the real issues that imperil our country.

    Given that, I think I might be interested in joining your webring, if you agree that this is appropriate in light of the above full disclosure.

    However, when I click on join, the link appears to be broken.

    Elisheva Levin
    Ragamuffin Studies

  5. PS: I live in a border state, and recently I wrote a post called On the Border about my take on the border issue. The violence is real, and is becoming greater every day. If Mexico should become a failed state, those of us in the border states are going to face lawlessness coming across the border to threaten our lives, prosperity and happiness.

  6. as usual the border is an issue the msm loves to ignore...if they didn't where would their numbers come from to protect those "poor distressed people that come here for work nobody else will do" or as Dr. bulldog stated how are we going to rid ourselves of all these bad weapons. not the criminals (poor guys/gals were so put upon by our system of attacking and putting in jail these mistreated people)does not matter that they are a result of the lack of being able to instill a bit of morality (being shown the difference between right and wrong and taught that there is a consequence...and probation for armed robbery is not it!) gotta stop rambling... the border has already erupted Ms Levin...and it may be too late to keep it in Mexico...The Mexican government it already trying to downplay the fact that America is being looked at and is preparing to send troops to restore order down there...They just want enough bad things to happen to make all of America be so distraught with what is happening on the border as to make us all feel good about sending troops down there to protect our interest on the border.

  7. heard they found another 5 heads in collers on the border today...glad our border is soooo secure

  8. The border will get the attention it deserves when heads start blowing around like tumbleweeds on the US side of the border. Right now it is "not our problem" because these are not American nationals getting beheaded. I truly pray that they address this issue before it does become our problem and for the right reasons not as an attempt to ban assault weapons.


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