My Daily Rant

I have read a few hundred posts in the last few days concerning the alleged rift developing in the republican party. There is no rift. This is nothing more than a liberal/media driven non-story which they report with glee. Rush has always represented the more conservative take no crap version of the republican party. He rails against the dangers of moderating towards the democratic viewpoint and with good reason. Moderating our stances is what got republicans ousted in the last two election cycles. Rush is not the leader of the republican party de facto or otherwise but he is the voice of conservatives who believe that our party has lost its way. Rush is one of the more visible and popular figures among conservatives and does not shy away from what he believes in. I think the issue between Rush and Michael Steele is not a rift in the making but a galvanizing of the party in its core principles. Rush will continue to rail against compromising principles and if he can get Steele to understand the axiom that compromise is what killed the republicans, so much the better. The party is stronger for the controversy and I truly hope that the democrats and media believe that we are doomed to irrelevancy through infighting, it gives us the advantage come 2010. We need to adopt a Rush like attitude. Our principles are what made the era of Reagan great and what will bring us back to greatness. We just need to stop believing the flawed premise that standing up for what you know to be right is partisanship. If it is so be it.


  1. It seems so amazing that this kind of stuff is even being pursued by the democratic establishment. Isn't there a country to run, a country that has some deep rooted issues and needs all minds on deck? They need to solve issues, not be concerned with what Rush said, but I suppose it creates a distraction so attention won't focus on them.

  2. That's all its ever really been about. Watch my left hand while my right hand slips into your pocket and removes your wallet. Obama is a master of misdirection.


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