My Daily Rant.

It may be a statement of the obvious but I think Obama forget his pledge to give tax breaks to 95% of Americans. Oh, I know we are going to get an additional $13.00 a week but what's the cost. With new spending plans unprecedented in history, new cap and trade policies, new energy plans and the down payment for universal health care; I get the feeling we are going to pay a helluva lot more than the $13.00 we are getting back. Lets just parse one of these areas for a moment. Energy. Obama is running with the cap and trade and alternative fuel thing. The result of that is going to be higher energy costs. You cannot place such draconian restrictions on energy companies and expect that the costs will not rise. Of course those costs are going to be passed along to the consumers. With his attacks on coal fired plants and the like (remember his promise to bankrupt them) the end result is going to be higher costs for us all. It is simple math, when the overhead a company pays go up the cost of their products go up. There is talk of increasing the federal gas tax. We already know what happens when gas prices spike, the cost of everything else rises accordingly. It seems as if it is the intent of this administration to deepen and lengthen the recession or turn it into an outright depression. Give the economy some room to grow and it will. This incessant meddling and regulation is unnecessary at best and destructive at worst. With all of the liberal pet programs being implemented and spending completely out of control that $13.00 is going to cost you a few thousand in additional taxes. Of course they won't be called taxes they will come in under the radar as green initiatives or reducing our dependence on foreign oil or some other liberal code name. I think I would rather donate my $13.00 to charity even knowing that I won't get a tax write-off for it.

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