In our prayers.

I was thinking that with all of the things going on in our country and in the world today the one thing we could all use is a prayer. I would like to make a weekly post of those people you know who are in a tough situation, sick or just need our prayers to make it through the day.

If anyone is interested in this idea please send me your prayer requests at Please include the name of the person and the reason they need our prayers i.e they have cancer, lost their home. Just a short one line reason would be fine. I will compile these into a post and post them each Sunday of the week along with an inspirational prayer. I know that we all know someone in need of God's help so please feel free to email as often as you like.

I will not reject any prayer request. I understand that some may not want to put their problems into the public forum so you may use an alias if you feel it necessary. God will find you through our prayers even if you don't use your real name. I will post any truly inspiration stories in their entirety as we can all use a little inspiration in these trying times.

I look forward to posting this each week and bringing a little love and prayer into the lives of those in need. Thanks - Robert.


  1. You're all a bunch if Fuck-tards!

  2. A perfect illustration of why we need God back in our lives. I will add you to my prayer list that you may lose the anger and hate in your life and learn to be a more tolerant person.

  3. Great idea...I will add that as a Christian I am taught to pray for my enemies as well as my friends and family. I must also add that I pray that our leader will have his eyes opened to the wrong he is doing to our country. I pray that the libs as well as conservatives will do what is right not porkulate for their constituents. I pray that the only true and omnipotent God would forgive and heal our land. I pray that those who sin against the God of our founding fathers...not buddah, not mother earth, not allah or any other new age movement...but the only one who can forgive and save us from an eternity of separation from God...Jesus Christ. The ONLY Son of the ONLY one and true God be asked into all of our hearts by each one of us reading this. Only then can we be truly happy...deep in our hearts...down in the pit of our gut where we each know only what we know to be true...where God knows as well...even better than ourselves what we it good or bad HE knows. HE understands...He can heal...

  4. Thank you for your comment. I know it was naive of me but I was thinking comments like yours would be the ones I received not the type that anonymous left. Thanks again and if yo have anyone that you want on the list send me an e-mail.

  5. Naivete is sometime the assumption that innocence is good enough reason to do what we do and assume everybody will act accordingly. This time, and we all know what happens when we assume, it is anonymous who plays the part. Sooner or later God will allow anoytomuses' heart to harden and then there will be no ability for him to turn from his ways. I for one need help every day to keep from becoming like him...with good reason...I lost everything due to a drunk driver...lost a job after spending years trying again to get one (basically am a cripple after the wreck) got not one thin dime from the wreck...all saving are now gone...can't pay bills...all reasons to be bitter at a lot of people...the system ( I see derelicks and others living off of a system that was intended to get you back on you feet for a few months till you recovered or got a new job...not live off of it forever) and those that proliferate its misuse. I, with Gods help and strength will make it somehow...I believe this is where faith comes in. anony...ask for His help...He will answer...maybe not in your time but in His time...but He WILL answer...again great post Rob...

  6. should not be a lesson...should be etched in the ten commandments...not alterable by man...given by God for each of us...we may not learn from what God lets us see in the realm of "wisdom". He allows us to take heed of it only if we choose...just like our free will to choose to accept Christ or reject Him...Natural law WILL also dictate...not our law nor our rules...EVERY knee WILL bow...EVERY tongue WILL confess that Jesus Christ is Lord...kind of like the old fram filter me now or pay me later...but be assured we each will we get forgivness and life everlasting...this is by the decree of God...His "Natural law" for all of mankind. Christian, buddist, muslim, witch, whatever you believe. Reject Him and you WILL pay later...separation from God forever...Hell...I don't know how to grasp forever...but to live forever in a painfree sorrow free total perfect existance is quite frankly beyond my the same vein of thought I cannot comprehend the thought of rejecting that gift and spending eternity burning over my entire body without being consumed by it...this is the completion of the Natural law that is given to us by it cannot be revoked by man it also cannot be altered as to the final result of our believe or reject that truth...


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