And The Braying Ass Award Goes To...

Nancy Pelosi. For her complete disregard for reality, elevation of partisanship to the status of religion and arrogance in assuming the American people will stand around and have Stimulus the sequel "Americans must be complete idiots" shoved up our collective posteriors. The mantra of "we won" has become as tired and old as her maniacal smile, yet she continues to subject us to both. Few politicians have worked as tirelessly as Pelosi to insure that the mentally incompetent have a voice. Few have had the courage to overcome such a glaring lack of intellect and prove that regardless of your I.Q., radical extremest views, or complete lack of touch with reality you can serve as Speaker of the House. She has been a glorious example of why Americans hate politicians. For her willingness to sacrifice her sanity and credibility for the greater good we honor Speaker Pelosi with this prestigious Braying Ass award with one request; please don't shove it down out throats along with your socialist legislation.


  1. she will not find out about your award due to the fact that she is busy screaming about her demands for a 757 to carry her botox bloated face across the country so she can get back to spending the pork...unless she is cancelling her trip at the last min. the military is going nuts trying to accomadate but can't because she can't be trusted to take the flight after schedualing and people are comming in to fly her (military personel) and who knows how much it cost to schedual it...much less making the flight...then her constant cancelling them...but she still wants to kill the military long as it does not stop her flights...

  2. Just a sure sign of the hypocracy that she is notorious for. We should do what it takes to educate voters so that they do not make the mistake of electing this abomination again.


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