And The Braying Ass Award Goes To..

Hilary Clinton!! For her disgraceful statements on her first visit to Europe as Secretary of State.
Clinton told young Europeans at the European Parliament global economic turmoil provided a fresh opening: "Never waste a good crisis ... Don't waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security."

…because adding billions of dollars of regulations and taxes will substantially boost the economy and create jobs...Wait, what? I guess that could be translated to “we could not possibly pass our agenda if anyone was paying attention but since they are all distracted by this economic crisis… “ As if making that ludicrous statement wasn’t enough she went to prove she can talk with a mouth full of foot by spewing this apologist garbage:

"Certainly the United States has been negligent in living up to its responsibilities," said Clinton, on her first visit to Europe as secretary of state.

Did we hire her as secretary of state or as a spokesman for third world ideological views of the United States? Geeze has she no shame, I believe not, but what she has now is the Braying Ass Award in the category of socialist, liberal American apologist. Maybe she should have taken advantage of the “bimbo eruption” crisis to lose Bill. Well in any case I sure hope she doesn’t lose this hard earned award.

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