And The Braying Ass Award Goes To.

M.Night Shyamalan. Yes, I said it. I finally got around to buying “The Happening” against advice from friends. I should have listened. I wasted 30 bucks (I bought the Blue Ray version) and 90 minutes of my life so that I could be lectured on the environment. If I want a lecture on the evils of SUV’s and soft toilet paper from an overpaid, pompous, elitist ass I will flip on MSNBC. I am just about through with Hollywood selling me a turd and telling me its filet mignon. For his audacity in making another crap fest of a movie, with a moral no less, M.Night Shyamalan has earned my contempt and the Braying Ass Award. At this point I wish he would make like a tree, and get cut down by some heartless capitalist and turned into paper so I can wipe my rear with him.

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