All the things I hated about Bush and the neocons. (My Daily Rant)

Let me count the ways that Bush and like minded conservatives have let me down. When Bush took office I was filled with a sense of good things to come. As a conservative I was ready to put the Clinton era behind me and start fresh. Things got off to a rocky start and on September 11, 2001 Bush had a chance to prove his medal in the heat of battle. I was reassured that we would be alright. Things went steadily down hill from there.

The beginning of the end for me was the Patriot Act. This horrible piece of legislation effectively gutted the 4th and 5th amendments of our constitution. No longer was it necessary to obtain legitimate warrants based on probable cause. Privacy became an archaic term with little meaning within the context of the war on terror. Roving wire taps, secret records requests, detention without representation it all hearkened back to Soviet era Russian and not the America I grew up in. I found myself suddenly drawn to the words of Benjamin Franklin - They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. I felt safe from terrorists under Bush but I began to fear my government. Enough said.

As if the Patriot Act were not enough to leave a bitter taste lingering in my mouth I had to endure further assaults on conservatism in the name of “compassionate conservatism”. I knew things were going to get worse when Bush began to foster a working relationship with Ted Kennedy. Collaboration on such socialist legislation as Prescription drugs, No child left behind, and Guest worker programs heralded the death spiral of true conservatism under Bush. The “Great Society” had returned.

He spent more money than the previous six presidents combined (only being recently out spent by Obama), and it will require generations to pay off this debt. Under Newt Gingrich, Republicans came to power claiming a Contract with America, promising to reduce spending and return power to the states. Bush has accomplished the opposite, spending like a liberal and exploding the size and power of government. He produced the largest trade deficit in American history vis-à-vis Mexico, China and India.

Bush continued this complete abandonment of conservative principles by advocating bailouts of failing businesses under the TARP program. I felt completely betrayed by this point and I was definitely ready for some change and hope.

While I did not support Obama I was still ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. It has not taken long for me and most of America to realize that, contrary to his assertions; he is perpetuating most of the policies of advocated by Bush. I did not advocate the policies when a “conservative” proposed them and I do not advocate them now that a liberal is continuing them.

We have got to see some real change in government. We have got to hold these men accountable conservative and liberal alike. I believe next election I may just “waste” my vote and vote based on principle. Ron Paul is starting to look like the man for me.

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