The 912 Project a sucess.

Last Friday the 13th Glenn Beckannounced his new website The 912 Project Before the show was over the volume of humanity trying to access the site crashed the server. It was up and down for the next 2 days and finally stabilized on Sunday.

That’s really good news for those of us who believe that conservatives are the majority in this country. I finally made it on the site and went to the “vent section” I posted a comment and signed up for the “Intense debate” option. About 4 hours later I checked my e-mail and I had already received over 300 messages from the site. I was inspired by the comments and suggestions that conservatives were putting forth but I was most inspired by the shear number of us out there.

This project has given me hope that we are there even though we have been silent and taken what has been thrown at us. I think that the Silent Majorityis poised to become the vocal majority shortly. We have always been the majority but we have let ourselves be overrun by the special interest groups and PACs working on behalf of a small portion of the country. Remember the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Well they have been squeaking far too loudly for far too long. We need to deluge our elected officials with our ideas our requests and our demands. If we do this we become the squeaky wheels and there is a helluva lot more of us then them.

Thanks to Glenn for giving me a new found sense of enthusiasm and hope. I encourage you all to visit the site and vent for a while.


  1. IF we would just shout just above a whisper...the liberals would not be able to survive the noise...Imagine if we all stomped our feet and said We are not going to take this anymore!...Then stood up and made our selves visible!

  2. It would be an impressive thing indeed. I hope that the time is coming when we will make our voices heard above the din of liberals.


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