The solution to global warming.

I have the answer. Really I do. We could cut our carbon emissions to almost nothing. All we have to do is kill of fat people, blowhards and anyone with irritable bowel syndrome. Stay with me here, I will elaborate. When we breath we take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, a fact often overlooked by the Media. The world is simply overrun with humans exhaling carbon dioxide. I propose that we eliminate the wasteful among us. It's simple, anyone who spends a great deal of time talking, exercising or eating should be removed. We would also have to eliminate the obese an those who suffer from IBS, they are producing an unacceptable amount of methane (cows are blamed for this but I suspect we all now people who are considerably more flatulent than cows). I figure we can start with politicians who are both talkative and flatulent and from there move to third world countries. Third world nations would offer little resistance. Once the world is rid of pestilent humans I suspect that carbon and methane levels would return to their pre-human levels. If anyone has a better idea I'm open to suggestions. Now please all you global warming kooks, get a life.


  1. To Silent,

    I just wrote you a very long winded comment but when I pressed preview it deleted it. So this will only be a summary of what I said. I welcomed your point of view on my blog. I think your blog is terrific. I hope we can continue to have spirited debate. I also invited you to share any social or political viewpoints on my Worldwide Blog Board which you can access from the top right side of my blog. There you can speak your mind no matter what side you are on and you can promote your blog with link backs and you need not reciprocate. I hope you don't mind but I enrolled in your (follow me) section. I had much more in my original post but this sums most of it up. Hope to here your comments from time to time. Oh yes I also said that if you read more of my posts even though I am left of center, I have come down on democrats for being spineless, and on Obama for not keeping his word and, I also went after Kieth O. You have a terrific blog here.



  2. Thank you for your comments. I will make it a point to come see ya.


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