On the Lighter Side.

As I was watching Obama speak I was thinking to myself, what can be done to restore America’s credibility. Credibility, well first I had to identify the problem. What is it about this president, and past presidents, that has failed to instill a sense respect and maybe a little fear into the hearts of world leaders. I diligently researched the issue. Was it a lack of a strong defense policy? No, Bush had that pretty well covered. Maybe it was our foreign policy. Again I don’t think so; most of our recent presidents have done well to forge strong alliances. Well, maybe I’m approaching it from the wrong angle. So I asked myself who was the last truly respected president. Well without a doubt that had to be Ronald Reagan. So that lead to the obvious question; what characteristic(s) did Reagan possess that his successors do not? The answer screamed at me from the archives. As I was watching one or Reagan’s speeches the answer became obvious. It wasn’t his kick ass and ask questions later attitude, although I sure do miss that, it was his voice. Reagan had a quasi Clint Eastwood thing going on. That tough guy, leave you shaking in your boots, I don’t take any BS, you know where to shove it voice. Think about it for a minute. Examine what we have had to work with since Reagan. Remember the first Bush’s tinny, whiny New England dialect. Bill Clinton’s male phone sex operator, sleazy, I’ll respect you in the morning, what the meaning of is is dialect. GW’s hybridized Texas-New England, stumbling, rumbling, bumbling, phonetically challenged drawl; and now Obama’s articulate, when he’s not inarticulate, Harvard educated, I’m smarter than you, monotonous oral flatulence. There just hasn’t been much to work with. The older great presidents had to get by on the voice. In the days of radio the people often only knew you by your voice. That was where your credibility was established. I propose that we keep presidents off of TV and utilize some of the great voice over actors out there. I mean, imagine it, the voice of Obama as portrayed by James Earl Jones. Even better one of the great tough guy voices like Sam Elliot. I can picture his persona of Sgt. Major Plumley addressing the nation “Ya’ll still think it’s a good day”. There are others, that guy from Major League. You know the one that played the coach (James Gammon). That rasping gravelly take no crap voice. We need to keep Obama and subsequent presidents sequestered. They can only interview by phone or prerecorded television interviews. Let the truly inspiring voices from our nation do the speaking. Think Milli Vanilli without the embarrassing public humiliation. Remember they didn’t have the benefit of Obama’s alphabet soup or organizations (NSA, CIA, FBI, and Secret Service) to keep their secret. This could work. Contact your local representatives and tell them you heard it here first.

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  1. Funny idea, but not entirely crazy. Imagine Iran's fruitcake leaders getting a call from the U.S. president regarding their nuclear ambitions, and what they hear is Clint Eastwood's voice saying, "Go ahead, make my day!" Works for me.


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