On the lighter side.

I was lost in serious thought today. I had run the gambit trying to understand the disconnect between our elected leaders, CEOs, judges and the like. It seems that they have completely lost touch with the common man and his strife. I had an epiphany. I hit me like a ton of bricks. How could I have overlooked it. It was so obvious. Ties. Now stay with me for a minute. What is the common denominator among all these diverse groups that is conspicuously missing in the working class. Ties!! Well ties and common sense but I think I can show a nexus between the two. Think about it and it will become obvious. Not the ties themselves per se, but more specifically brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation. Have you every really listened to these guys, watched them closely. It is right there for all to see. The pale complexion, stuttering speech, lack of cognitive ability and irrational euphoria. Of course given the symptoms I can't rule out alcohol but other than Ted Kennedy there is no real evidence of that. I am seriously considering starting an initiative to ban ties in congress, the judiciary and any management position. I think once the oxygen starts flowing in the brains of our leaders our economy will prosper like never before. Legal ease has never made sense to me, until I understood its just what happens when you try and compose documents without the benefit of your brain. I know your thinking that I have been taking liberties with the bottle myself but I think you know deep down inside that I'm right. Let me give you some examples. O.J. Simpson, great football player, add a tie, psycho killer. The lawyers who prosecuted him with overwhelming evidence and the Judge at the trial all had ties. O.J. found not guilty. The guy you used to work with, your best friend, got promoted to management and put on a tie. You tell me, what happened next. You know I'm right. Until next time.

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