Obama's Broken Promises.

Obama made a plethora of promises during his campaigning. Among them he promised a new era of transparency, limiting lobbyist, bipartisanship, and end to corruption. Thus far he has been found lacking. He has appointed a series of tax cheats and lobbyists to his cabinet. He has passed legislation that wasn't even read by the people who voted on it, much less the American people he promised to make a part of the process. He has paid lip service to bipartisanship but stood by idly while the republicans were locked out of the process. This inauspicious start leads me to believe that all that lies ahead is more rhetoric and broken promises. I had hopes that, despite his obvious socialist and liberal leanings, that he would try as Clinton did, to govern from the center. I was wrong. I knew this would be the case when he left the writing of the stimulus bill to the most partisan attack dog in the house, Nancy Pelosi. There is no intent to be fair or gracious in this administration. That has been made clear several times as they repeat the mantra of "we won". I pray for the country each day and I pray that Obama will find a way to keep the promises he made to me and every other American. I pray but I am not hopeful.

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