My Daily Rant.

Why is immigration a problem? The answer is simple; Countries have fallen prey to political correctness. It has become racist and xenophobic to ask immigrants to actually become a part of our nation’s culture. In the United States immigration has always been plentiful. Our great nation was built by immigrants. The difference is, way back when, immigrants came to this country with the intent of becoming part of America. Assimilating into our culture and becoming an American. There was a great pride taken in that pursuit. They worked hard, learned English and wanted that title of U.S. Citizen. It was a badge of honor. Now in America, and to a greater extent European countries, there is no emphasis on assimilation. Remember assimilation does not mean a loss of your cultural identity; it simply means accepting the laws of, and becoming a part of, the country in which you have immigrated. If I were to immigrate to another country it would be assumed that I must assimilate their culture and language, and rightfully so, but there is no reciprocity in that thinking. Immigrants are allowed to immigrate without assimilating. This is a huge problem. It allows for a culture divided in many countries. There is no national identity only a conglomeration of independent cultures. A nation that does not share a unifying national identity is doomed to fail. We need to get back to the principles that made this country great. We are all of immigrant descent so the answer is not isolationism. We can close the borders. We can enforce responsible immigration with the caveat of assimilation. We can ensure that the people who are immigrating to this country are not criminals, gang members, drug dealers or terrorists. It is not racist to protect our national identity and our citizens, its just not politically correct to do so. It’s the difference between taking a sip from a water fountain and trying to drink from a waterfall.


  1. Exactly right. No one in the U.S. can totally oppose immigration because we really are a nation of immigrants. It's just a shame that we've somehow gotten to the point where opposition to illegal immigration and insistence on controlling our borders results in being accused of racism.

  2. Well put. My wife's family immigrated from Spain and Ireland, but they integrated fully into our society and now my wife wants the border secured just like any other concerned American. It is just common sense.

    Political correctness is the root of many ailments afflicting our Republic.


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