Legalize Drugs

I have heard this said on numerous occasions. At times by persons that I consider credible conservatives. I have to speak out against this in the most emphatic manner. I have been a police officer for almost 12 years. I have watched the destruction and hopelessness associated with drug use. I have watched families disintegrate before my eyes. Drug users and suicide bombers have at least one element in common. They rarely go down without taking people with them. Drugs like crystal meth (methamphetamine) are not victimless vices. The users of these drugs are always destined to be a burden on society and on their loved ones. People who use these drugs may at first maintain some semblance of a normal life but they will always spiral into dangerous and often criminal behaviour. The fact that is overlooked by proponents of legalized drugs is the lasting effects on the physical and mental health of the user. Drugs like meth have significant and permanent effects on the chemistry and function of the brain. It is still debatable whether or not these effects are reversible and in my opinion that is irrelevant. The damage caused by people using drugs is not. The strain on society and families dealing with drug users is of more concern. I cannot argue for the "war on drugs" I think that a lot of effort has been misdirected in that war. I think efforts should be concentrated on early education and on closing the borders to slow the influx of illegal drugs. I know for sure that the answer is not legalization. What right minded person would argue that once drugs are legalized people will suddenly begin using them in a responsible manner. I have heard the argument comparing illegal drugs to alcohol. I will agree that alcohol is just as destructive in limited cases. It is nowhere as destructive as something like meth overall. With alcohol being so culturally acceptable it is analogous to a bullet lodged in the brain. It would be almost as destructive to remove it as to live with it. The question then becomes as a society how many bullets do we want lodged in our brain. When does it become a fatal condition. We need to educate our youth to understand that hedonistic pursuits are not the pinnacle of expressing your humanity and that there are worthwhile pursuits that do not involve selfish pleasure. Please do not fall pray to the victimless crime argument. I am on the front lines of this war everyday and I can tell you from personal experience that there are real victims to drug use.

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