Here comes the carbon tax.

From msn....The Obama administration on Tuesday agreed to review whether it should regulate carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, portending a major reversal of the Bush administration's policy on global warming.

I have no problem with saving the environment. I actually think we should be better stewards of this planet. The problem is when the government tries to change things with little or no forethought or regard as to the consequence for real living breathing human beings. These regulation that are being proposed will substantially and immediately effect the price of energy for millions of Americans. This is unacceptable in an already stumbling economy. If there is a need to limit these emissions then there should be a system of alternatives in place before the change is implemented. We are rushing over the abyss without the benefit of a net. This whole concept of carbon credits and emissions limits is a fraud in any case. It will do little to help the environment and make great strides in the march to socialism. It is simply another form of tax and control cloaked in the guise of environmentalism. We need to first establish environmentally friendly alternatives and then convert existing facilities in a controled and consumer friendly manner. This new age sledgehammer approach to energy is unacceptable.

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