Gun Control is Coming

House bill HR 45 is a clear attempt at a nationwide gun grab. This bill requires gun licensing to own a gun and testing to obtain that license. You would not even be able to sell a gun to another individual. Guns would have to be sold through licensed dealer and subject to background checks and the like, even for private sales. This is an overt attempt to subvert out 2nd amendment rights. Please share this story with anyone who is willing to listen. First the guns and then with the revival of the "Fairness Doctrine" our free speech. The following is the link to the House website and the actual text of the bill. Please take the time to read it for yourself so no one can mislead you about its intent.
Click on this link.
Go to the search window and type in HR 45.
Make sure you mark to search by bill number.
Our elected officials have no shame. I am not surprised to find that this has gotten little to no coverage in the MSM (Main Stream Media). Please contact your Congressmen and register your disgust with this unconstitutional legislation.

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