Did Evolution Kill God?

I was perusing another blogger site the other day. The site was dedicated to atheism and, in places, was quite offensive to me as a Christian. So I had to ask myself; am I right about this? I believe I am but there is a lot of "scientific" proof that there is no God, or so I have been told. Evolution killed God, Right? I will admit that I think micro evolution is real. I can see that creatures adapt by changing. This is really not in dispute. Macro evolution is a little tougher to swallow. I have seen no evidence that jellyfish become elephants or that elephants became whales. There are large gaps in the transitional fossil record. Having said that It would not change what I believe either way. There is one bastion of sanity that I retreat to when science seems to be making another assault on God. Science can explain almost every phenomenon that we experience. The thing they cannot explain is the "beginning" or anything that preceded it. Science can explain us back to fractions of a second after the big bang. Once they reach that point equations and theories do not work. They simply cannot explain or describe what happened prior to that point. Even if they could merge quantum and relativistic theories and get us back to the moment of the big bang they could never extrapolate beyond. The truth is this; at some point the universe came into existence from nothing "ex nihilo". Science cannot explain how this happened. They will never be able to because it boggles the imagination. There was nothing and then there was something. Science would become religion at this point because they would be required to accept that which is scientifically impossible. Science cannot explain this but faith can. I choose to believe that before the universe there was God. Science chooses to believe before the universe there was nothing. Seems like we are left to choose between faith and magic.


  1. when it comes to faith...the intellectuals normaly are clueless...they cannot explain it so they write it off as
    God faith... no need to explain...the ones that do accept faith...already understand that
    God spoke and it came into being...end of happened...accept it. When you die you will then know how he did it...not if he did it...Every knee shall bow...Every tongue will confess...not my rule...His...accept this and everything else will be easy to accept...there are laws and principles that we will not see...find out about...experience...or know anything about until God lets it here on this plane or in the one He resides that deminsion right next to us...around the next corner universe or in the sky? I do not know or worry about... I accept by faith it IS is real... I cannot change that fact...and Will have it revealed to me in the afterlife I will experience after I leave my earthly body...and go to Heaven...and then ONLY if I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior...again not my rule...His will only get to Heaven by this method...FAITH...and His is my free will to accept by faith alone...not by my works...actions..."good morals"...or any other way...ONLY by Christ...

  2. Amen brother, your preaching to the choir.


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