And The Braying Ass Award Goes to.........

Ann Coulter. God knows I love her but geeze, can we think a little before we say something idiotic. The liberal blogoshpere is already buzzing with her comments from Hannity last night. I watched the episode and so I can accurate speak on the issue. The quotes in question came up while Hannity was discussing the legacy of the stimulus bill. The highlights include the following quotes: "Oh forget our grand kids, who cares about them? I care about me and the money in my bank account." and "Nobody cares about our grand kids, that's why nobody cares about global warming. Who cares? They can get their own planet. The point is we're all losing money."
I know that this was an attempt at humor and at portraying global warming as the liberal delusion that it is but can we not provide the ammunition to liberals to shoot back at us with. I love ya Ann but you have just successfully diverted the argument from stimulus to Ann Coulter. For that glaring lack of foresight you are the recipient of my Braying Ass Award.


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog www.fauxnewsnetwork.com we are open to people which disagree.

  2. As am I sir. Thank you for responding in a courteous manner. All views are welcome here.

  3. Till now i only had a list of blogs which i agree with.
    I was thinking of making a blog roll of blogs which i disagree. I will add yours if you make a similar blog roll. If you know of any republican blogs other than yours which are interested tell them my idea.
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    Thanks in advance

  4. Great Idea. I will start a list of "What the Left is Saying" and You have have an "On the Right: or something like that. I like having a contrary view point.


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