And the Braying Ass award goes to....

Keith Oberman. For his sanctimonious oral flatulence and nightly tirades against conservatives Oberman earns the Braying Ass award. Oberman's endless psychotic ramblings prove that he is capable of producing a carbon footprint larger than that of a coal fired plant. Someone should be lobbying for an Oberman tax or at least Oberman sequestration. I'm just saying. Can somebody find use for all that hot air that doesn't involve speaking. Striking resemblance don't ya think.


  1. To Silent,

    I just wrote you a very long winded comment but when I pressed preview it deleted it. So this will only be a summary of what I said. I welcomed your point of view on my blog. I think your blog is terrific. I hope we can continue to have spirited debate. I also invited you to share any social or political viewpoints on my Worldwide Blog Board which you can access from the top right side of my blog. There you can speak ypur mind no matter what side you are on and you can promote your blog with link backs and you need not reciprocate. I hope you don't mind but I enrolled in your (follow me) section. I had much more in my original post but this sums most of it up. Hope to here your comments from time to time. Oh yes I also said that if you read more of my posts even though I am left of center, I have come down on democrats for being spineless, and on Obama for not keeping his word and I also went after Kieth O. You have a terrific blog here.



  2. Thanks for the compliments I will come see ya over on the left.


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